R250, watch for Coyotes playing on the runway....

What do ya mean watch out for the Coyotes....I'm coming in at 150 kts....You nuts!
Recently I have heard that the Coyotes and airplanes have been competing for space at Chino Airport.....Can you imagine trying to land a small plane and having animals run across the main runway in front of you....That enough to make you want to quit flying.....But the problem seems to have subsided now since traps have been set.....And dont worry, these are live traps....The people doing the trapping take them up into the foothills and releases them.

The danger posed by the coyotes resulted in airport officials recently hiring a private contractor to capture the animals, and at least five coyotes have been caught......In four separate instances in April, pilots reported spotting coyotes on the runways......The busy public airport recorded more than 400 takeoffs or landings that month.

It was reported that several pilots have reported coyote sightings to the tower......One Pilot coming in for a landing aborted his landing at the last moment, lifted up just short of the running animals and tried again....He made it on his second try, almost out of fuel and not to happy....Since that incident, security have been watching the runways and alert the tower when ever a Coyote crosses the runway.....Sounds like the Gooney Bird patrol on Midway.....They have to go out every few hours and pick up the birds that decide that the warm runways make good nest for there chicks.

Several coyotes make their home in airport-drainage pipes.....Even though airport personnel try to scare the animals off the property, coyote activity has been more prevalent the past few years in the airport area due to the development of nearby rural land.....Just think, all they had to worry about a few years ago were escaping inmates from Chino Men's Prison which is located along the south portion of the airport.

Having a Coyote or any animal on a runway can be a disaster waiting to happen......You don't know if it will run left, run right or just stand there.....Anything could go wrong.....After all flying a plane is somewhat like driving a car....you see an animal on the road and the first thing you want to do is swerve....But you can not swerve in an airplane or small corporate jet that has just made a landing....You would end up on Edison Ave.....Besides a crash and aircraft damage, a fire also could erupt, and that would get things all messed up.

Recently 5 or 6 Coyotes were seen at the same time on the runway....fortunate there were no planes coming in for a landing.....In a car you can honk at them and they would run off....I dont think planes have horns do they?
San Bernardino Federal Wildlife Management has been down to the airport but there is only one of him and he has only so many traps.....He offered several suggestion about to keep the animals off of the runway but airport officials decided to go with a private contractor because they could devote more attention to the problem....As I said, there is only 1 Ranger and he works the entire county.

Hopefully the problem will end when next years rainy season starts and the animals return to the hills....But as most people in the Inland Empire realize, you cant get a Coyote to do anything it doesn't want to do....Coyotes have always been around this area and as more homes are built in northern Cucamonga and Fontana, the animals will continue to come into our zone of living.....the same thing is happening in Chino....as more industry and homes are built in the Chino Hills, we are trespassing into the areas where these animals live....it is not the other way around...Remember that.

The Ghostpainter.