Prospect Park Murders

No one was murdered in Prospect Park. In 1977, a Redlands High School student was raped and murdered in the orange groves while walking home from school. I grew up in Redlands and did live there at the time of the murder, but was too young to remember it happening. The girl who was murdered was the older cousin of one of my best friends. She was killed cutting through the orange groves along Grove Street in Redlands, next to Sylvan Park - which is across town from Prospect Park. A recently paroled felon was arrested 2 weeks after the murder and found guilty of the crime; he is still in prison today. I don't know of any "hauntings" stemming from her murder, but I mention this because I've noticed that her murder seems to be incorporated into many Redlands "ghost stories" that are posted online, particularly regarding Prospect Park. While Prospect Park is certainly creepy at night, no murders have taken place there.


Kathryn (Katie) Knodel's uncle was convicted of her rape and murder. His name is John Chauncey Lawrance.

Kathryn Knodel was murdered by her uncle. She had two younger brothers, Erwin and Edwin and a younger sister Katie. She was called Kathryn not Katie. Her parents remained in their home on Alvarado until there death about 10 years ago.

I knew the lady who was married to John Zenc years ago he used to abuse her,she was very kind this man was damaged by the vietnam war.he used drugs and got the little brother of his wife who was only 12 on dope and is an addict to this day.

Never seen any pictures of John Zenc....what did he look like

two different murders are being discussed here

The only murder I am discussing is Kathryn Knodel. I know her family and continue to meet with her younger sister, she is a very dear friend to me. She has shared how the murder devastated her enitre family, they were never the same.

I was the one who did the research on the Prospect Murder and the connection with the Knodel murder. It was very tragic what happen. All I know is that before the 1977 murder, the Prospect story was going on long before, like I said before I was told this back in the sixties when I was a child.

I moved to Redlands, Ca. in 1971, I was 11. I went to RHS and was a junior there in 1977, graduated in June 1978. The murder and rape of at least one girl being discussed here in the groves wasn't in Prospect Park, her name was Paula Hernandez, she and her boyfriend Ernie (of Indian descent) were friends of mine.

It was a very disturbing time and can still remember trying to ease Ernie's grief at the time. She was abducted behind where the University of Redlands sorority house is in those Orange groves.

I lived and grew up on Country Club Dr. about a mile away from Prospect Park which most of us who grew up in that area of Redlands (called snob hill) visited and played in regularly, especially at night. It was a great party spot, and I had a girlfriend who lived right behind the Kimberly mansion (named after Kimberly Scott Paper Co, that got rich from inventing Kleenex tissues). I never saw any devil worshipers satanic sacrifices or any other such nonsense. It is very quiet and rural and I understand how Orange groves can give you a sense of creepiness, but trust me when I tell you the only thing scary you'd find there was drunken teenagers playing pranks.

As for a murder in the park or it being dangerous or haunted I never heard any stories like that, but that doesn't mean a murder didnt happen some time ago. But I can promise you as much time as I spent in that park day and night all through the 70's and early 80's no such nonsense happened. We used to hang out there before the Theater was actually built, it was just a platform for a stage, and the seats were actually benches carved out of the dirt.

I even got to be an extra in "HELL NIGHT" a movie with Linda Blair in 1981 as one of the local youth partying Lol. Anyway thought I would dispel some of the boogeyman mumbo jumbo.

This is a family member of Paula's. If anyone would like to have a say in keeping this killer behind bars please do. We will be going to his parole hearing again in about 2 years he is now at Chino State Prison and every letter will help.

I wanted to attend hearing or at least write a letter to help keep that animal behind bars years ago.I used to walk home from school with her until she walked up the tracks toward judson and i continued straight to my house on the corner of colton and grove. I lived with guilt for years and years because i wasnt at school that day. I moved out of state following her murder am living back here again. Where is the best place to send letter to keep that monster locked up? My sister would like to write a letter of her own as well. You can find me on facebook. Beverly Jean Dahlberg Picture of myself and my husband. Dont know if it's safe to give my email address on this post/sight. Again I am So very sorry!! for you and your family's loss! TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS YOU! She had a Beautiful smile! Was very respectful to your family's rules about getting straight home from school. I would like to attend the hearing as that monster ruined my life in many ways. Emotional pain, fear ect..... Sincerely


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