Portillo's Restaurant

Portillo’s Restaurant

Portillo's - Moreno Valley, California
12840 Day StMoreno Valley CA At the corner of Day St and Gateway Dr951-653-1000www.Portillos.com
One of the newest restaurants to roll the dice and open in Moreno Valley! I have been hearing about this “hot dog” joint for a few months from a colleague and just kind of dismissed it….We were in the area last Saturday evening so we dropped in for a quick bite. Driving up to the massive building (looks like an old downtown warehouse) I was just thinking O God what am I doing eating at another hot dog place, I am a die hard Pinks fan…. We entered the massive dining area and walked up to the line to order (yes they write your order on the take out bag). I ordered the Char-Grilled Maxwell Street Style Polish..$3.35
Grilled in the traditional way it was done on historic Maxwell Street in Chicago and prepared with mustard and grilled onions. OMG! One bite was all it took! It snapped when I bit into it as my friend RR would say YUMMO!  Next I tried the CHICKEN CLUB..$4.55 a lightly breaded, all white breast filet deep-fried in 100% vegetable oil with lettuce, mayo, tomato and bacon. At first I was under impressed, yea just another chicken club sandwich, then I took a bite! WTH (what the heck) this chicken is juicy and actually has flavor! The tomato was still firm and the bun was out of this world.OK I have got to try something else; I then tried the POPPYSEED FRUIT WITH CHICKEN SALAD..$6.99 what’s going on here? A huge salad with juicy grilled chicken strips, leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, a great poppy seed dressing and here’s the kicker, the salad also had strawberries, blueberries, pineapples and walnuts…Holy mother of God, if a salad could be a dessert I just found it! My buddy had three equally amazing items.. Portillo’s I will return and next time I am coming hungry cause I want to try that Chocolate Cake Shake that everyone around me was eating and raving about. I left completely amazed, happy and ready to tell the world……PORTILLO’S ROCKS!
Very friendly and fast! Yes there was a huge line, but this crew moves and moves fast and you can tell they are having fun too.
As little as $2.00 for a huge Hot Dog or you can splurge and get a FULL RACK of ribs for $14.00. This is where you take your out of town guests (only the ones you like) if you want to impress them, have fun and save a tons money.
Decor and AtmosphereBuild to resemble an old downtown (1930’s prohibition era) warehouse, massive in size but very comfortable, good music and tons of happy people eating.
Rating 4 out of 5 starsAbout Me:I have been in the restaurant business myself for over 30 years. I started my culinary career washing dishes at a truck stop while in high school and now have designed/built many restaurants for myself. My last 15 years have been spent here Southern California and I have been thoroughly enjoying the rich food culture and amazing choice we have for restaurants in the beautiful Inland Empire, the "restaurant and culinary capital of Southern California". I wanted to share my personal experiences, and best recommendations. Each restaurant reviewed here I have been to personally. I don't go to many overpriced restaurants and I don't think there is any need in a region that has so much to offer with terrific value if you know where to look. In the Inland Empire we are spoiled for choice. I do have my favorite cuisines and culinary tastes, but I try not to let them affect my reviews. My general system is that if it rates 3 stars or more, it is worthy of a return visit. Enjoy! You can hear me on the radio every Saturday afternoon from 3 to 6 as the co-host of the Lets Dine Out Show on www.KTIE590.com or send me an email to  


When will you open in chino,ca. Now I travel to Marino
Valley. Quite a trip but worth it.

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