Picture of Scary Face at The Mission Inn

Submitted by: Moni Harrell

I am writing to tell I perused the many photographs I took while visiting the Mission Inn.

A few photos have orbs while going through the corridor on the second floor. I take many photos with my mobile phone and never do I get shapes of orbs in any of them- with the exception of The Mission Inn. The orbs are in different sizes and white- 'sheer-white-haze-orbs'.

I was on my way to the

parking lot. I took a photo of a room what looked like the basement? To my surprise, I discovered a face of a spooky-scary face of what looks like a man in agony with his mouth opened and eyes looking upward. It was the last photo I had taken at The Mission Inn.  Indeed, I felt the heavy breath of the unknown in various places while taking photographs. The Mission Inn is exquisitely beautiful and shimmers in pure elegance.

Original Image (Click to enlarge)

Picture of ghost-face at the Mission Inn in Riverside


Enhanced Image (enhanced by InsideTheIE.com) click to enlarge:

Enhanced image of Ghost at Mission Inn


hello and happy holidays from the central of Georgia

i do not see the face you are describing to be in the enhanced photo. could you please give a general location to where the face takes place? thank you.

Don't worry, virtually nobody else can see anything either. When someone has to point out where it is because nobody else sees it, then, basically, it's not there except maybe in the over active imagination of the person that THINKS they see something..

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Thank you,
MoNi Harrell

I don't have a mailing list.
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There is nothing as you describe.

Hello all, I'm about to stay at this inn tomorrow night 7/22/ 14 with my boyfriend I can refer back to you all if we end up having any experiences. I looked really hard and could not see anything in this picture. I really tried and wanted to. I don't know what you see but is it possible that you are experiencing the tendency that we all have called Matrixing? When the human mind is using their sensory input of what is perceived visually, audibly and tactilely, as something familiar or easily understood and accepted. Basically your filling in the blanks. I only say this because I do investigations from time to time and have found picture evidence that turned out me looking for something that wasn't there. However I don't want to criticize if you may have the ability to see what most don't then damn I am jealous of your natural born gifts! Everyone's perspectives and experiences are different. :-)

not real


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