Picture of Scary Face at The Mission Inn

Submitted by: Moni Harrell

I am writing to tell I perused the many photographs I took while visiting the Mission Inn.

A few photos have orbs while going through the corridor on the second floor. I take many photos with my mobile phone and never do I get shapes of orbs in any of them- with the exception of The Mission Inn. The orbs are in different sizes and white- 'sheer-white-haze-orbs'.

I was on my way to the

parking lot. I took a photo of a room what looked like the basement? To my surprise, I discovered a face of a spooky-scary face of what looks like a man in agony with his mouth opened and eyes looking upward. It was the last photo I had taken at The Mission Inn.  Indeed, I felt the heavy breath of the unknown in various places while taking photographs. The Mission Inn is exquisitely beautiful and shimmers in pure elegance.

Original Image (Click to enlarge)

Picture of ghost-face at the Mission Inn in Riverside


Enhanced Image (enhanced by InsideTheIE.com) click to enlarge:

Enhanced image of Ghost at Mission Inn


Is it the lightbulb on the right that is the face? Or is it somewhere else?

No. It was not a lightbulb. In fact, the wall was pitch dark with nothing attached to it. When I returned home to North Carolina I discovered the face in the photo I took. I took it from the sidewalk looking in through the bars.

can you describe better where you see the face? I'm looking at the right side, but like GhostBuster, i'm not seeing anything.

I stayed in the 2nd floor of The Mission Inn back in 2003 and experienced some strange stuff. I say this place is haunted.

Hello and greetings my friend. Indeed, I concur! I've taken the liberty to gallavant via google re: The Mission Inn. One man picked up a spirit's voice on the third floor saying 'Beware of here' and many others took live video of their visit at The Mission Inn. We are not alone in our concepts. .....also, please zoom into the photo I've taken of the demonic ghoul on the right of the photograph. I took the photo using my mobile phone and I zoom in and clearly see the spooky face. Everyone I've shown it to immediately captures the haunting face. Thank you for taking the time to read my submittal. I appreciate your feedback immensely. Blessed be God, MoNi

It is to the right of the lightbulb in the enhanced photo ... Wow crazy ...

Greetings and Happy All Hallow's Eve from eastern coastal North Carolina! As God is my witness, it is a face of a man in agony looking upward. Perhaps he was killed in the catacombs during the bootleg era when the catacombs were utilized for distribution? Perhaps a Medium can ask the spirit why he lingers? Is the spirit trying to communicate to our realm to disclose important information regarding a crime long ago?

I was curious to find out what evidence do you have to substantiate your statement " Perhaps he was killed in the catacombs during the bootleg era when the catacombs were utilized for distribution?"

Thank you
Ron Mathews

i literally dont see anything weird in this picture?? like are you being serious?

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the Crystal Coast of eastern North Carolina.

I invite you to view the 'enhanced photo' being focused on the right side of the photograph. Please slowly zoom-in the photo and you will find a man's face in a state of agony with a wide-opened mouth showing sparsely crooked teeth. Also, the eyes on the face are looking upward as if praying to God to release him from his torment.

By-the-way, there was NO lightbulb mounted to the exterior wall. I took the photo while on the sidewalk looking into what looked like a room of some sort below the hotel's primary domain. My sisters and I were leaving The Mission Inn and were walking towards the parking lot across the street when something told me to stop and take a photo of this phenomenon.

Maybe some persons are allowed to see the paranormal when others may not? Whether or not this is to be 'rightly so' everyone I've shown the photograph in my home state of North Carolina verified they indeed caught a glimpse of the melancholic spirit (or 'haints' as they are called here) only to intrigue them to take another fascinating look.

It's Christmas in DiXie North Caroline,
MoNi Harrell