Picture of a Ghost at Hillside Cemetery in Redlands

On our last photoshoot we did at Hillside Cemetery in Redlands.   I went home to do the editing and i saw something in the far background of my picture so i zoomed in and i promise u it is 2 FREAKIN FIGURES!

This picture was taken on Saturday 9-29-12 for a Zombie Photoshoot we had been doing there the past month. The first pic I underlined it in red so you  can see how far we actually were. As i was editing I was wondering what that was dwn the hill and as i zoomed it looked like a cross then I took a closer look and I saw the shapes of people. Tell me what you think! It still freaks me out as I try to go to bed at night lol.

Picture of ghost at Hillside Cemetery

Ghost in Hillside Cemetery

Possible ghost in Redlands at Hillside Cemetery


 I'm glad the cross is in the photo because it gives us a clue to the scale.  So lets say the cross is 18 inches tall.  I am guessing only 18 inches because based on all the other grave markers in that section of the graveyard, this has to be the small (cheap) temporary type, not the larger permanant types.

The image on the right (blue lines on my markup below) does take the shape of what looks like a a doll or figure, and it appears to be leaning backward against the small cross.  So this could clearly be the ghost of a long-lost Ken Doll.. or, maybe a favorite toy of a baby left by a mourning mother.

The image on the left, to me looks like just blurr.. There is simply not enough information in the  photo to make out what it is.  It's just fuzzy enough to leave it up to the imagination.  To me it looks like a guy walking with one hand in his pocket and his jacket swung over is shoulder.   My wife said it was cleary a pair of upside down scissors.

Debunked ghosts at Hillside cemetery


I think i need more photos of the female in the nurse outfit for further 'investigation'

BTW, Ghost Buster, I think you need to ask YOUR WIFE to put on a nurse outfit. I'm sure someone else is already "investigating" Angelica. lol

Thanks for taking a look lol What ever it may be surely makes me wonder?! Who knows. My brother also said the one on the left looked like a man w/ his hand in his pocket and others said it looked like a little girl/woman with long hair! The one on the right clearly is a human figure. It was insane when others can see it and it wasnt just me and my blind eyes lol

Ok, thanks Angelica for posting this. It's very interesting, particularly since it was taken in broad daylight. To debunk the image in front of the cross, I wish you had returned and taken a closer look at that gravesite just to see if there were alternative explanations.

I can appreciate your comment as well, Ghost Buster, but one thing that seems to be common is that images of spirits aren't always necessarily to scale. I'm not sure of the reason why, but I learned this from an episode of Ghost Hunters International when video or photographic stills caught a full-figure apparition that was only a foot high or so, ascending a staircase. The reason I found it compelling and didn't dismiss the account simply due to size is that I, too, possess a photo of facial images in a window, and they are not to scale either. In fact, in my best estimate, they are about the size of my hand with fingers spread out.

Originally, I considered that I was suffering from pareidolia, but I had two shots of the same window and the images appear in only one of the shots. Couple that with the recorded evidence from GHI, and NOW possibly Angelica's pic, and I'm less likely to dismiss my own photo just because the images aren't to scale.

I'd like to send in my photo, but though I'm a resident of Redlands, I took my photos on Catalina Island, so I might have to find a forum specific to that location.

Is it possible to.go.at nightor is it not aloud? I wana inverstaigate the cemetery

I know it has been done before. I think they might call the cops lol. I no when we were there foe a photoshoot it got dark and you would have thought someone would have gone around the place to see if anyone was hangin out, but nope. That would be awesome!!

I would like to know which block this "sighting" was observed. Having fairly intimate knowledge of this cemetery ever since my very young childhood, I'm familiar with the stories. Being the great granddaughter of the original property owner I've seen a number of "unexplained incidents," and have my own stories to tell-one as recently as 2/2016. I have a photo I took of my great grandparents' monument that tells me the grounds are being watched over by the earliest persons interred there. I cannot explain the image in my photo, but know for certain I was not alone there, (although I was not accompanied by anyone living). I too would like to go back at night to sit & observe, but at sunset the gates are securely locked. (Halloween pranksters have done horrid damage, so the Redlands police must remain on the property all night). I've shared my photo with a cemetery employee & have given permission for the photo to be used. Anyone curious??

I'm curious to see the photo.. If you email it to: IEDude@InsideTheIE.com we will post it for everyone to review. Be sure to give your name and some info (like you did above, maybe a bit more) so we can give you credit.

I've seen a video of.some ghost hunters at thr park at night and they caught a pic of a figure that is full figured and small in size. strange!!! I've caught some scary stuff there hen I was younger


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