Pedley, Jurupa Hills Areas

Pedley, Jurupa, Jurupa Hills, South Fontana, Glen Avon, Rubidoux, Sunnyslope, Mira Loma and Home Gardens areas

There is an area south of the 60 freeway, east of the 15 and north of Norco Calif that is still considered horse country and part of the last wide open spaces here in the IE. That area comprises the small communities of Pedley, Jurupa, Jurupa Hills, South Fontana, Glen Avon, Rubidoux, Sunnyslope, Mira Loma and Home Gardens. This area is all Western Riverside County. The entire area is governed by Riverside County, patrolled by Riverside Sheriffs and the CHP. It is home to the L.A. County K-9 Training Center, about 34,000 residents, 22,000 horses and numerous chickens cows and other assorted farm animals. Another small area named Country Village or Mission Country Village is the old WWII receiving Station and quarters for the Graves Registration Unit of the Armed Forces. Nearly 225,000 battle causalities were processed through the center up into 1947. Today Country Village is a Senior Retirement Center
Sources: Hall Family History and memoirs of WWII Vets Dainel Steven Theron Hall, Jack Daniel. Hall, Bert A Hall, James Daniel Hall and his brother Stephen James Daniel Hall.


South Fontana amd the Jurupa Hills are north of the 60 and are in San Bernardino County. I live in South Fontana, in the area formerly known as Declez.

In the olden days, the 50's 60's and before the 60 freeway was built, this entire area was open and unlaimed county area, most of it belonging to Riverside County. Jurupa, Jurupa Hills and South Fontana, were all a part of this open range community with the dividing line with San Bernardino County being the short low range of the Jurupa Hills to the North and south of Then Fontana and Bloomington. It was not untill the late 90's and in fact Fontana is still currently negotating with both Riverside, San Bernardino, and the city of Ontario to finally claim all of the county land along the north side of the 60 freeway. In a few years Fontana will then shift its efforts to claim as much property as it can along the borders of Cucamonga and Rialto. Thats if the city of RC doesnt claim the land along Cherry ave and the 15 north to Sierra first. theghostpainter

Yes I am a native of Fontana, I was raised in the west side of town one block above FOHI between Citrus and Oleander. Yet I am aware of the South Fontana I still have family there off of Calabash and Cameo Drive (near CRST trucking). When southridge was built it was 1 of Fontana's 1st crowning achievements. Yet there was still areas of Fontana there before that was built. I forget the name of the street but it was as far as Fontana was ever going to go was Philadelphia St. or AVE. and Mulburry. Anyting south of that is Riverside County. Anything east of that is ONTARIO. And Believe me Ontario has never been kind to its neighbor to the east.

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