Haunted Places of Ontario

In Ontario right next to the Union Pacific Tracks there is a 4 story red brick office building that had been deserted for years..

For years we had heard that his place was haunted..  Right across the street was a tire repair shop.. One day as I was waiting for my dad to get his tires changed, I saw a woman up in the third story window.. As I watched her she slowly faded away, not walked away, faded.. The Antique Underground has moved in just recently so the building is once more active with the living..  But at times, it seems the dead are having more fun, scaring the dickens out of the living... It is said, that if you look real closely in one of the old mirrors you can see the ghost of a young girl, maybe six or seven years old.. She is smiling at you and giggling..  Also, on the first floor, in the back portion of the store you can hear glass shattering and a woman's frustrated screams but when you go look to see what's going on, nobody's there and no glass has been shattered.

Also in Ontario out in Guasti across from the airport, there is a tree that grew up in a big open field where the bodies of an airline crash were laid..  It is the only plane crash that has occurred at Ontario, during World War II.  The tree grew has grown all twisted and grotesque and its roots are nearly 75 deep.. As you approach the tree you will hear the ruffling of thousands of crows on branches but you cannot see them.

And lastly in Ontario at the old Beverly hotel, people often reported hearing foot steps on the 2nd floor when no one there, seeing shadows in the southwest 2nd floor corner window, glancing up at the 3rd floor south corner window. and certain areas of the basement cold spots. lights flickering, fire alarms being set off all happening all times of the day.. All of this activity was said to have been eye witnessed  by neighbors, the staff at the old hotel and people passing on the street, but never by me...

I paid regular visits to the old hotel doing Process serving on dead beat dads, moms and evictions.. Unfortunately the place was a rats nest, home to a quote unquote brothel, and other rather seedy mob like activities and when it caught fire in the 1990's, the fire dept, located only 2 blocks from the hotel, took its time putting the fire out....That may sound extremely harsh, but you had to understand the political climate of the era.  The Mayor resigned, and others in his administration were implicated in various nefarious ventures..  The Ontario fire dept did make sure all of the occupants were out of the building, but because of the buildings notorious history, there was shall we say a lack of enthusiasm in putting out the fire.  I know, I was there


i have been to the tree in the field and no one told me but i knew what it was. i got goosebumps approaching it. i wonder if it is still there

Hey were is this located?

first use google earth go to ontario ca. next type in guasti ca. google earth will go right to it. it is right there in that general area. everything has been built up since 1990 but it is possible it is still there im not sure though.

it was 1990 and i drove truck. i stopped at the truck stop and took a walk down the tracks. out in the field was this really weird looking tree. i decided to walk over to it. as i got real close i heard the crows feet i could not see any. i backed up slowly but as i did i heard a loud roaring sound behind me. i turned to see an airliner taking off from the airport. then i looked at the tree and right away i knew what the tree was. it was like i knew all about it.

I live right next the the airport and yes the tree is still there all by itself.....u also may want to check out chaffey high school it is extremely haunted i am a graduate from there and i always felt and seen figures moving around and looking at me while i was in G.W.S Auditorium.

 where is this 4 story red brick office building ? at in ontario?? 

thanks joe

I know what you mean. I go to Chaffey High and I have heard a lot of stories and felt things in the G.W.S building.

What are the stories about it ?

Last week, at about 9:30pm and I was too cheap to pay for an Uber so I decided to walk home. I was walking in front of Chaffey Highschool. As I looked over to the highschool, I noticed that the school is gated and is pretty secure. I then notice that there was a kid on a bike riding around behind the gate. The kid then rides behind the main building and I don’t see hI’m again. I thought nothing of it but then I thought about the situation immediately and wondered how a kid can get over that large gate with a bycicle and wondered it could be a ghost. I knew nothing of this highschool and decided to google it today. Surprised to see how haunted it is. It could have been a kid finding an entry into the school but it seemed creepy to me. Hope someone clear this up for me.

I used to work at chaffey high school as a sub security guard and a body of mine whos also a pastor that was a nite custodian chashed sum teens out of the main building. Called me on the radio and we went to the roof for what ever reason and saw skulls, burning candles and a pentagram. Wasnt the first time either. When i was at upland there was a kid taken from james games and they went up to the hills north of upland and the satanists killed him. In the early 90s there was a gang of devil worshipers at upland high. Also about a half mile west of the claremont outside play theatet theres a one way axces road to a devil worshipers camp. Me and the 3biggest friends i had went up there in 97 and parked rt below the one way road and got the scare of oir life. Also theres an old civil war hospotal sumwhere in the litle creek area, i forgot where exactly but there was 9of us that went up there and saw a half man half goat leap rt at us. A friend of shot him 5times and nothing happend. And i never drank or did drugs. The hills in the I.E. Are haunted, thats for sure. Ps311315@yahoo.com if you have any more info


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