Old Insane Asylum in Moreno Valley

I have been hearing stories of an old insane asylum or hospital in the hills of Moreno Valley, can anyone tell me if it's true or not and what is the story about it.


What have you heard?

I've heard it from from different people around town. I would like to know more about it.

You've heard what? WHAT... HAVE....YOU... HEARD??

I have heard of this from current people in town that there is some sort of old hospital or asylum in the hills of Moreno Valley that separate Moreno Valley from San Timateo Canyon that was built in the early years "don't know when" and one of the ways to get to it is thru the old water tunnel that brought water to Moreno Valley from San Bernardino area.

It does exist ... wouldn't advise going there tho! Research it from home .. never go there!

Hello Kim, just curious what do you know about it, where is it etc. I have tried to research it but nothing.

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