The Old Alta Loma School Annex

Namepicture of the original Alta Loma School Annex building

The Old Alta Loma School Annex / The Helmer House / The Sanchez House

Location in Alta Loma (Rancho Cucamonga) 

9658 Monte Vista Street, Rancho Cucamonga

Style of house

Vernacular Bungalow 

The Old Alta Loma School Annex was orginally built in 1915 to house an extra classroom for the Alta Loma School.  The building was oritnally built on the Northwest coner of Amethyst and 19th Street and was moved to it's present location on Monte Vista St. after the new Alta Loma School was built in 1921.  It was then converted into a residential home by Paul Helmer who worked as a janitor for Alta Loma School.

Since being moved to it's current location the house has been modified extensivly but it still remains as one of the last historical remains of the Alta Loma School. 

Currently the house is rectangular with a hipped-gable roof.  The house is one story with a wood frame structre and stucco siding which covers the original 3 inch lapped wood boards which are still visible in the pediment of the facade.  the orginal frond door and windows have been filled and replaced with a large sliding window.  The entrance is now on the east side and is covered by a shed-overhang.


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