A Red Rose for my Dad....

After my dad died, flowers were always placed at his crypt in Bellevue. And relatives always noticed that on a certain date of each year a Red Rose would appear. My mom asked about it, thinking it might be my dads mom who was doing it but Mable always denied that she was the one responsible.

this went on for several years, so finally in about 1997, I felt for some reason it was time to start asking questions. My mom said no and most of my dads brothers and sisters that were still alive said they did not know who left the rose. Except for Jack, my dads oldest surviving brother. He said he knew all about it but was not allowed to tell me until after my Mom had died.

When the fog turns green in Chino watch out for the hook....

This Urban legend has been around for a log time but many people believe it is true, especially in Chino along the Pomona expressway down towards the Prado Dam, an area well known for its 'Green Fog'

The story begins according to the CHP begins with the escape of a prisoner from Chino Men's Prison. The man, when escaping, got his hand caught in the top razor sharp wire and lost his hand when hee sawed his way free, of course leaving his hand behind to be discovered by Prison Guards the next morning who were searching for him.

Watch out for flying heads at Bear Gulch.

Urban legends? ghost stories? you decide.

Over the years I had read numerous stories of the old days in Rancho Cucamonga. different stories, haunting's, strange noises and ghostly sightings, many I believed and many I didn't. some of stories were simply urban legends. Other's; friends of mine had heard and passed on to me. And one or two I witnessed myself.

Here then are some of the stories, some true, some false, plus haunting's, and urban legends all surrounding the red hill area..

A ghost dressed in blue...or airport lights, car lights or someone next door....You be the judge.

In 1967 my mom and dad moved into a new home on Waverly Court in Upland, and of course I still being in high school went along because after all, the kids always go where their parents move to.

I soon discovered that on certain nights in my room a blue light would appear on the ceiling of my room. The first time my dog woke me from a sound sleep barking at the light as it drifted down the wall then went it out as it hit the floor.

The nights it would happen were usually very foggy, moist and drippy out side. Out side my window at that time was an orange grove. When it was clear I never saw the light, but on nights like I described, I would sometimes see it, not all of the time.