Have I got a Gold Mine to sell ya?

'Yes Indeed, Mr Kenworthy....I've found a mine that got millions waiting to be dug out, I just don't have the capital or the partners to help finance the venture. Now Mr Kenworthy, ya looks like a man of means and I was wondering if you would like to increase for fortune by buying me mine.'

That's the gist of the conversation that took place between an English Gentleman and a scoundrel of a man who's only dirt ever dug, was done within the confines of the territorial Prison in Riverside and the only gold he mined was out of the pockets of Mr. Kenworthy.

What happened to the small town of Midland?

People traveling out on the 40 highway (route 66) passed by the sign for years. The signs read U.S. Gypsum Minning Company, but hardy any ever used the road back in the 50's.

Then one day the sign wasn't there any more. So a couple od Adventurous souls turned out onto the single lane dirt road and drove out to where the town was supposed to be located. What they found was amazing.

Ghostly Mules on the tracks in the Cajon Pass

If you have ever been up in Blue Cut on old highway 395, late at evening, sometimes you can hear the baying of mules or horses. Of course when you look around to see where the noise is coming from a Big UP quartet will come roaring around the cut and the noise will disappear or fade away.

In 1898, a Santa Fe Engineer heading north from the devore area into a heavy fog and snowfall thought he saw mules on the tracks ahead of him. He jammed on the brakes in hopes of not hitting the animals but failed to stop in time. He got down from his 2442 and walked to the front of the train.