Inland Empire Indians: The Spanish Inquisition begins.

Part 2

The Spanish arrival in Southern California was the last great expansions of Spain's vastly over extended empire in North America. Massive Indian revolts among the Pueblo Indians of the Rio Grande in the late 17th century provided the Franciscan padres with an argument to establish missions relatively free from colonial settlers.

Thus California and its Spanish Colonization would be different from earlier efforts to simultaneously introduce missionaries and colonists in their world conquest schemes. Organized by the driven Franciscan administrator Junipero Serra and military authorities under Gaspar de Portola, they journeyed to San Diego in 1769 to establish the first of 21 coastal missions.

The Indians of the Inland Empire; A History steeped in Native Lore and Spanish Tragedy

Part One:

The Indians of the Inland Empire, represent a varied and somewhat unique region of the state. Beginning on the Northern Deserts, the tribes found in this area were the Chumash, Alliklik, Kitanemuk, Serrano, Gabrielino Luiseno Cahuilla, and the Kumeyaay.

The various valleys and Mountains and climate varied considerably from the windswept offshore channel Islands that were principally inhabited by Chumash speaking peoples.

History timeline of the Inland Empire, California

Many people have asked me to do a Historical Timeline of the Inland Empire so after a couple of days using online dictionaries and a couple of sources, I decided to put down a timeline after the arrival of White Men in the area. I will do an earlier timeline on the Spanish era in the near future. Perhaps backwards but I have already writen a lot about the early Indians and the Spanish. Their history goes back some 10,000 years.