The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Okay I admit it I am a fan but I have never been to one of the shows. But for those of you who are avid fans of the rocky Horror Picture Show, and have been to the shows like my niece, here are a few pointers about the film you might or might not know. We all know the stars, or should if you are a fan, but I will list those on the bottom of this piece.

But perhaps there are a few things you didn't know about the show. Like for instance, when was it supposedly took place, what era of time did this take place or does it really matter. I will leave that to you the reader to decide.

The strange but true story of Fearplex at Pomona.

Today a Haunted tour takes place at the FearPlex, and if you want to learn about some of the real horrid and horrific crimes of the past in the Inland Empire this is the place to do it. What you are about to read is real, it is true, and to most of the public it is unknown. Get ready for an assault on the senses.