Trucks can no longer park on part of road

May 2006 Trucks will no longer be able to pull over and park on a stretch of Valley Boulevard in unincorporated San Bernardino County just outside Fontana's city limits. The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a No Stopping, Parking or Standing, Tow-Away Zone on the north side of Valley Boulevard at Locust Avenue. Residents complained to county officials of commercial trucks parking in the area for long periods of time and leaving trash along the road, according to a news release from Supervisor Paul Biane's office. Signs will be posted to warn motorists that stopped vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.


There was a similar ban when I was a kid, but it was because there were a lot of hookers and drug dealing there. High schoolers used to go there to score pot and have a private date in the car. Cheap dates.

A lot of money was spent to tear down the old Charley's at Nuevo and Arrow and replace it with a new building. To my eye the new building is kind of bland and the corner just doesn't have the flavor, character, and patina that it used to have. It would have been better to leave well enough alone. How's the food at the new Charley's Tasty, has anyone tried it yet?

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