No Chaffey College Parking Tickets Are Not Enforceable ?

No Chaffey College Parking Sign Are you one of the hundreds of Chaffey College students recently greeted with a parking ticket on the windshield of your car for parking on a street designated as "No Chaffey College Parking" ?  Well don't fret, the tickets are not enforceable and some have gone so far as to declare these parking tickets are not legal.


Beginning in September of 2012 the San Bernardino County Sheriff's department (contracted as Rancho Cucamonga Police Department) have been issuing parking tickets in the residential areas surrounding Chaffey College where signs reading "No Chaffey College Parking" have been posted.  These new no-parking signs display no California Penal Code or Rancho Cucamonga City Code, and may simply be the result of concerned and frustrated citizens of the neighborhood.

As confirmed by one Rancho Cucamonga Parking Enforcement employee (while in the process of writing the parking tickets), these tickets are simply "because the sign says no Chaffey College parking".  Parking enforcement does not mark the tires for time, nor does the Parking Enforcement Officer have any way to determine if the car is actually owned by, or in use by a Chaffey College Student.  "All they have to do is contest the ticket to get out of it".

Residents in the Chaffey College area have voiced concerns over Chaffey students blocking driveways, parking improperly, violating posted speed limits, urinating in bushes and playing loud music from their cars.  As a result the community has taken steps to have the new "No Chaffey College Parking" signs posted.  

Please respect the neighborhood and avoid the hassle of having to contest these parking tickets by using the Chaffey College parking areas where possible. 



I didnt get a ticket but someone put a warning on my car. The parking enforcement truck was right down the street so I guess i got lucky. N I don't piss in anybody's bushes.

If it wasn't for these stupid "13th grade" students being stupid, the people that live around the college would have nothing to complain about. On a daily basis I see these idiots driving like fools, comming out of the college down Haven ave. On the streets behind the college I see their shitty cars lining the streets, parked like they did it by brail or sitting outside their cars with the music blaring. And yes, i HAVE seen one pissing in the bushes!

You know what they say: A few hundred bad-assholes can spoil the whole bunch. I wish they towed the cars instead of leaving worthless tickets.

Did you not see the college when you purchased your house? Was it hiding on that day? Really--get a life or move!

Me living near the college does not give the students the right to be idiots. I have no issue with the college.. I have no issue with the majority of the students. I have issue with IDIOTS that don't know how to drive, don't know how to park their car, and have no consideration for anyone around them. Surely you can understand the difference between acting like a decent human being and the way these inconsiderate assholes are behaving?

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