Night Life with a Buffalo Burger at The Buffalo Inn in Upland....

As you head west on Foothill (Route 66) crossing Central Ave and just about the time you are to pass into Montclair, you see a very Western Style Restaurant on the south side of the street.....Its unique Western Motif is also dominated by a equally unique Western styled sign....It reads the Buffalo Inn....What in the world is the Buffalo Inn? Do they serve Buffalo Meat or something.

As a matter of fact they do....The Buffalo Inn has been serving Buffalo burgers to residents and passerby's since 1929, when it was opened as a restaurant and tavern serving Buffalo burgers and draft beer.

The Buffalo Inn interior is also the predicted Western style, but the large trellised out door patio is a shaded area where in the summer time you can kick back and enjoy the restaurants signature Buffalo burger and a large draft, or perhaps a spicy Cajun chicken sandwich, a large pot of chili, a t-bone and another specially of the restaurant, there home made potato chips and at the same time listen to the nights live entertainment.

The Inn offers over 20 different tap beers and a equal number of bottled beers, including 4 or 5 home brews.

We have been going to the Buffalo Inn since at least the late 70's, especially after I got back from my third tour of duty to Vietnam in 1973....The only problem I ever had though was when the guy on the piano was playing the USN song since I was still in uniform and the waitress was carding me to make sure I was 21....I wasn't to happy with her since her boss told her not to card me, but I soon got over it when my steak arrived...I tipped the guy on the piano, who had bared a striking resemblance to Elvis, $5.00, but not the waitress.

The last time we went the service was still a little slow, but we really didn't care that much....we all had beers and something to snack on, and the band on stage was keeping us happy....the place was packed, but there seemed no effort on any ones part to hurry up the service and usher us out for the next crowd to hurry in....I think that is one reason we do like the Buffalo Inn....Even when they are packed, you can still relax, sit back with a brew in one hand and tap along to the music with the other and no one is going to come up to you and say, "Sorry, we need your table"

The Buffalo Inn has different bands come in on the weekends and during the week they have a gent by the name of Tom Posten or maybe that's Tom Powers...anyway he will play any request from any era of music....the guy is pretty good....He also makes the Inn a good place for a first date.

They also have another guy who appears as Elvis one night, Liberace another night, and Ricky Nelson another.....In the late 90's they added several TV;s around the bar and in certain dinning areas....I think this is there attempt to draw in the sports bar crowd....It seems to have worked....We enjoyed a Packers game while sipping on home brew while waiting for our meal orders to come out.

So if you are looking for a classy place to go, but is causal in every since of the word, not in a hurry to get anywhere, the Buffalo Inn On Foothill just west of Central is the place to go....They are open from 5:pn to 1:am, 7 days a week.

Gary Hall, theghostpainter.

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