Is there life after dark in the IE?

There are some hot hangouts scattered across the Inland Empire that offer live music, jazz, rockin' roll and soul and rap. There's something for everyone if live entertainment is what you are looking for. There is the Vault Martini Bar & Grill in Redlands for example. Only 11/2 years old, the Bar boasts talented live bands singing jazz, punk, funk and more on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Another favorite, The Buffalo Inn in Upland, is one of those classic, rustic destinations with plenty of personality to keep the locals coming back. Live music and local bands keep the place rockin on Friday and Saturday. The food is pretty good too. With dozens of imported and domestic brews on tap sold by the pitcher or mug, famous buffalo burgers and Texas style chili on the menu, a giant buffalo head on the wall and great cover bands singing classic rock and today's hits Thursdays through Sundays, this old place along Route 66 stays busy year round. But summertime is the best time for night life especially since The Buffalo Inn is more of an outdoorsy place where people sit in plastic chairs at umbrella picnic tables as they run their feet over wood chips that cover the ground. Strung white lights and a roaring fire add a nice, almost romantic touch. In one room, Top-40 bands perform Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday night. Over in Claremont, The Press Restaurant might be known for its vegetarian fare and potato taquitos, but Thursday through Saturday nights, the restaurant turns into a concert venue for those who wish to stay. The music varies from jazz and country to punk rock, blues and Irish music. Thursdays are usually jazz nights. The ambience is artsy and unique. In Rancho Cucamonga, Margarita Beach is still open but they are on probation. After years of complaints from residents all around the place, the city may have decided its time for them to move where all of the Other Bars are. Also In Rancho, the Sycamore Inn, offers live music, with some local bands on the weekends, and a music bar during the week. Then way out past me on Foothill towards the 15 freeway, that's where you will find the sports bars. Chilies, Applebee's, The old Spaghetti Factory, Cousins and some other sports bars hover around the Quake Stadium on Rochester. The Quake Stadium offers of course summer time concerts with local bands and other groups providing entertainment. In Little Creek the night life is what you make it, as is Rialto and Bloomington. There are not any real night spots located in these cities. In Fontana, Night time gun battles offer entertainment of a sort if you are in to that sort of voyeurism. In San Bernardino you can go country at the Brandin Iron. They have a Cowboy saloon and dance hall. Featuring live country bands, mechanical bull, dinner menu and dance lessons. And Margaretville is still a good place to go in that city. End of Part One, More to Come on Life after Dark In the IE


The Boiler Room far exceeds anything the Vault brings to the table.

I don't have to buy bullets. I just dig them out of the walls and pick them up from the backyard when I need some. P.S. I think Ghostpainter means Lytle Creek instead of Little Creek.

Many people still think you have to go into LA for real straight ahead live jazz.  Live straight ahead Jazz can now be heard at the Cali Grill in Ontario at the Ontario Mills next to the New York Grill every saturday night at 6:30. The quartet is a group of local musicians called Cafe Jazz. The restaurant also features Flamenco jazz on Thursday nights with the band Sombra Quieto.  It's unusual to see a restaurant willing to support this type of music on a Saturday night in the IE and I hope it gets supported once word gets out. 

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