New park-and-ride lot to open in Fontana

FONTANA -- A new park-and-ride lot for 210 Freeway commuters will open Sept. 5 on Beech Avenue.

San Bernardino Associated Governments and Caltrans will open the lot on Beech, just north of the 210 Freeway between Cherry and Citrus avenues.

The lot is accessible from the

210's westbound carpool on-ramp and eastbound carpool off-ramp.

The new lot will help commuters because the two nearest park-and-ride lots along the 15 Freeway at Highland Avenue and Base Line Road are frequently full each day.

Information: (909) 884-8276 or


Is this a safe lot to leave your car overnight?

I have not seen that park and ride in Fontana but I know that some lots are surrounded by fences and have parking-lot lights (that said, I would not leave MY car in that area)..
Other park and ride lots, like the one at Highland Church between Archibald and Haven are in a really nice area, and I would consider it safe even though it is not fully fenced.

What about the P&R lot on Baseline next to the I-15? Would that be considered a safe enough lot to leave you car overnight?

I can answer that one since I've driven by it many times (although it's been a while)..

I've seen much worse, and it's not a horrible area, so from memory I would say that I would not be to worried about leaving my car there. If memory serves, it has a fence and lights.. If you're interested I could go by and snap a pic and post for you to see..

this one on beech ave is in a safe place really close to sierra lakes just south of summit ave and north of baseline there is a park next to the P&r maybe thats why you didn't see it just north of the freeway 210 carpool entrence

Does this beech ave lot fill up?

I want to use it tomorrow ariving about 8:30 AM?

Oh nice, a park & ride nobody can get to driving alone to meet the person you want to ride with.

That is totally correct. Since it is only easily accessible on and off at carpool exits getting there by yourself is time consuming and the same when returning back to the fwy if you don't live in Fontana.

This lot is directly across the street from the entrance of my neighborhood. I would consider it safe because (one or both) Fontana PD or SBD Sheriff's department is always there patrolling it. As well as sitting there waiting to catch people entering or exiting the carpool entrance/exit.

I have been using this lot since Oct 2018. During the past couple of months I have noticed the conditions of the lot has changed. It has been extremely dirty, a lot of trash on the grounds. It also appears that possibly homeless people are using it, based on the kind of trash present. Is there someone responsible for keeping this lot safe, secure, and clean?

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