My house in Fontana is haunted

I just moved into a home in Fontana off of Beech on Myrtle street. Ever since moving in, I have had several strang experiences. I would hear walking in my parent's room upstairs when i was alone in the house. I hear water running and pipes rattling in my parents room and their door slams shut (like someone is angry and slamming it behind them) My friends and I had an 'EVP' session of our own and we caught a few creepy things on camera, like when i went into my mom's room to film, whenever i panned the floor area with my camera, the footage went blurry like something was passing in front of it. and this happened twice at 2 different times! And we caught a few voices. one female saying 'Don't test me' and one male saying,'Don't', 'Go to hell', 'get away', and 'gotta hold on'.

My hair was touched in my parents room when investigating also. I just want to know, was there any type of brutal killing, suicide or death in Fontana around 2002-2009? I need to know! OH AND ALL OF OUR RELIGIOUS PICTURES IN OUR FRONT LIVING ROOM ARE TILTED. Any info would be great!


That is scary, I think you need to get professional help,

I'm not kidding when I say possibly TAPS (the guys who do the TV show), might make a visit. What you mention sounds very active in comparison with most sightings for a lack of a better description. With the kinds of things you mention it sounds interesting enough for them to possibly get involved. I think they choose which sites based on how good a show episode it would make and your situation sounds pretty hard core. There are possibly other San Bernardino County paranormal groups, I left the area years ago, so I don't know.

You can get a lot of ghost hunter stuff on ebay, if you want to spend $15 they have a motion sensor which works by detecting a temperature variance. You can set it to chime and leave it in another room if anything is moving it senses the temperature (I'm told anything above absolute zero - a scientific term for very cold). If anything above frozen solid crosses the beam it will go off). I think the fuzziness is your camera trying to focus on something which is moving. If you are doing infrared photos they tend to be fuzzy anyway due to the nature of infrared cameras, they just don't focus well.

You might call the Fontana Cops or San Berdoo County Sheriffs if you are in the county rather than city limits. I'd ask for a referral to a retired investigator who might have been active during that time, you might also try to do an internet search in the Sun's archives, assuming they go far enough back. You don't really know when this might have happened. Paranormal things can be recent or really old, even a good psychic has a hard time focusing on a date or time.

I hope this helps...

Ex Bloomington Kid

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