My Haunted House in Rancho Cucamonga

I lived in a CREEPY house in Rancho Cucamonga. I forget the street number of the house but it was off Cabrini Court.

Every night around the same time we could hear footsteps going up the stairs, a feeling like something was pacing up and down the hallway. There was always a feeling like you weren't alone and someone or something was watching you. I had many dark dreams while living there. I believe someone had at one time practiced some dark occult stuff and possibly even someone was harmed in that house in a very bad way. We were all terrified while living there and we all had our own scary experiences there.

I will never forget the time me and my friend heard a demonic growling in the corner of my bedroom. I never ran so fast in my life!! I always wondered if anyone else that moved In after us had any terrifying experiences as we did.



I lived off of banyan and we had similar experiences. The footsteps I always hated especially when I would be downstairs. My parents had the house blessed in 1987. Certain Objects of focused activity had to be sealed but not removed. Overtime it s child it was horrible. I don't know why anyone would seek these things out.

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