My ghost experience in Ontario

In the 60's and 70's I lived in Ontario on Fresno St., a cookie cutter housing tract built on an old grape vinyard on the south side othe I10 freeway.

There were lots of reports from all over the area of paranormal activity and sightings of apparitions, almost everyone who visited or stayed with us had experiences like seeing floting orbs toys moving around the back yard at night hearing voices, seeing ghost in the house. I personaly witnessed what i believe to be a possesion event when my younger brother started yelling very loudly in his sleep in a language i didnt understand that sounded maybe like spanish or an indian language. He was stiff as a board an didnt stop untill my mom yelled at him to get out of my son. Then he relaxed and continued sleeping he never woke through all the comotion and had no memory of the I episode.

I have never been able to find enough history about that area in Ontario that might explain these kinds of activity. Ontario seems to be a very creepy place what the heck is going on there?


where exactly on fresno street? was it near I street and 4th street?

I lived at 1345 E. Fresno St....where did you live?

I didn't want to give the exact address out of respect for any current residents,but it was e Fresno at n lassen on the north side of the street

was it 1441??????/ thats where i live now?

I ran across this totally by accident. I lived on Fresno St. In the 60's and early 70's. No paranormal stuff, but what was left of the Vineyard Ave. at the end of that street was definitely creepy. 1559 E. Fresno, by the way.

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