The Scary Mt. Rubidoux

Adjacent to the haunted Riverside Cemetery is Mount Rubidoux..  This place was weird when I was a kid and it has not changed. The locals say that at night, you can see ghosts walking across the top of the hills.  While you're there, you will probably see tiny picture in the rocks of Mt. Rubidoux, which is of Jesus Christ. 

Mount Rubidoux has changed in design a lot since I first saw it with my mom and dad back in the late 50's..  The western slopes were once heavily treed.. All of the trees died off and then the little picture of Jesus on the rock changed.. Now is that spooky or what?


The best place in Riverside.
Enjoy it while you can!!!!!

Any pictures of weird things y'all people seen in mount rubidoux????

I just watched a you tubebvid where a guy went to mt.rubidoux and the guy said he saw shadows move on the hill, chains rattling, and a sound like a ttsskk ttsskk

My first time was a few nights ago and my boyfriend and I hiked up there to the cross , after we climbed down the cross we weretaking in the sites I made a vine and it distorted
That's the link to my vines on YouTube the last two voices aren't ours and we saw two silhouette s of men on top yet we were completely alone it was about4 am and we climbed down towards the stairs fast and the. Silhouettes were so fast they couldn't have been human beings

why is Rubdioux hanuted how why

spooky? na just chill around the block and i see nothing.just people walking.

Me and my friends used to go up Mt. Rubidoux to drink back when we were still underage and for a long time we never saw anything scary until one day around 230am or 3 we were walking down when we seen a group of people in black robes with the hoods on and we couldn't see their faces it honestly looked like a cult. They were walking in as we were leaving and as soon as we seen the i swear we all ran for our lives it may have been nothing but we weren't going to risk it haha we never went back up to drink after that haha.

i like ghost they are my freinds

Does anyone remember the Ahouse I'm I think it was a forest in or near Corona or norco? It was a good hike through the forested hills until you got to the abandoned A-House or A frame house that was supposedly built by a witch or a witch lived there and her sisters lived like 10 minutes hike through more forest. But the AHouse was the imfamous one of the three houses and had a colorful story behind but I can't remember it nor can I find anything online about it (searching for an hour or so has led me here...) if you been there or remember it or the story let me know. Also I very well might have wrong city in mind for it's location. I was 16 and usually wasted when friends and myself would trek out to it to drunkenly explore


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