The Scary Mt. Rubidoux

Adjacent to the haunted Riverside Cemetery is Mount Rubidoux..  This place was weird when I was a kid and it has not changed. The locals say that at night, you can see ghosts walking across the top of the hills.  While you're there, you will probably see tiny picture in the rocks of Mt. Rubidoux, which is of Jesus Christ. 

Mount Rubidoux has changed in design a lot since I first saw it with my mom and dad back in the late 50's..  The western slopes were once heavily treed.. All of the trees died off and then the little picture of Jesus on the rock changed.. Now is that spooky or what?


I am a member of a paranormal team. You can post that photo here or email it to me at :

Mt. Rubidoux ..... is my friend, I have walked, jogged, biked up every way you can (even most of the dirt trails). The Luiseno Indians called it "Pachappa" and was considered sacred ground to them. Millionaire Frank A. Miller (also owned the Mission Inn until the 1920'2) is responsible for it's development, including the "Peace Tower" Part Castle/bridge/dungeon built around 1925, his decendants later donated the land to Riverside .... who made it into a very cool park.
There are lot's of stories about pagan rituals, devil worship ... even human sacrifice .... FROM THE PAST, all happening at the peak .. one rock is still called the sacrificial rock.
The park has been know for ghostly apperitions from time to time, but mostly for the shadow figures, seen mostly around the peak (by the rock). there is a group of local folk who give their time to clean, repair, and patrol the mountain .... many have seen the shadow figures .. a few have seen, after dark, around the Tower, what look like one or two people strolling the path ... and then they just vanish. I know several of these people, and trust them ... not just a ghost story

My husband and I would be very interested in getting together and meeting others who investigate paranormal happening. I've been dealing with things my whole life. Would be interesting to get a different take on what others think.

You can post your experiences here by clicking "submit new story". There are a few paranormal groups that monitor this website, including a group that I belong to.

my daughter and I can be found at "The Animal Crew Photography" page in facebook. We have recently started to investigate paranormal activity.

Since i was little i can remember walking up the mt and touching the cross and I have NEVER once seen this portrate that people talk about and I have spent a majority of my life at the mountian and I believe that something is going on and when i was little i never like to go to the mountian and when i would go i would cry and i guess how little kids can sence bad things i can say it was one of those sences casue till this day i can still feel the pain of walking and being scared because i felt something when i was up there. My bestfriend and I would go and walk and once we heard something behind us and when we turned around there was nothin, it was by the cross on that balcony that is there and it scared us cause we were the only ones that were up there at the time. /: i would also like to see  the photographs if it is possible because i would like to see if it brings anything back from the memories,

I would like to see the pic from mt rubidoux if you mind

I am part of a paranormal team. I would love to see this picture your speaking about.

I am a life long resident of Riverside and often ride Mt. Rubidoux late at night. Always strange shadows as well as the common small rocks falling into the trail in front of me as I make my way up the hill. The folklore goes the rocks are thrown by small troll type people to ward off visitors at night. The most unsettling thing I had ever witnessed there was when I rode up on on a full moon midnight mass of at least 300 people complete with A man preaching to the crowd at the very top sandy area at the giant steps.

Were they all wearing black robes and hoodies? At night?


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