The Scary Mt. Rubidoux

Adjacent to the haunted Riverside Cemetery is Mount Rubidoux..  This place was weird when I was a kid and it has not changed. The locals say that at night, you can see ghosts walking across the top of the hills.  While you're there, you will probably see tiny picture in the rocks of Mt. Rubidoux, which is of Jesus Christ. 

Mount Rubidoux has changed in design a lot since I first saw it with my mom and dad back in the late 50's..  The western slopes were once heavily treed.. All of the trees died off and then the little picture of Jesus on the rock changed.. Now is that spooky or what?


hmmm.. I don't know, I have been there and I don't see anything. exactly how late at night?

around 3am... I use to live down the street..and would always hear little kids playin or cryin, especially in the rain. I lived on Wallace St in Rubidoux.

wow for real and i live right next to mt.rubidoux im
gonna have to see this someday :]

Lived in MoVal for almost 9 yrs now and go to the Riverside Cemetery on occasion, But have never managed to make it to Mt.Rubidoux. Maybe it's cause I don't think I'll make it to the top and end up at the hospital
But I would really be interested in checking this out.

I went to Mount Rubidoux yesterday. The mountain is strange, geologically speaking, but that's about it. And, the "tiny picture" of Jesus isn't really a tiny picture that "appears to be Jesus Christ" it IS a stone portrait about a foot or two high, of Jesus. It is part of what looks like a (fake) tomb that is built at the north-base of the mountain, just across from the Dog Park.

I saw the fake tomb there was a picture of jesus christ when i went inside the small tomb but when i was backing up to get out the picture turned into mother mary

This is all bs I live in the mountain

O_o You live IN the mountain? I read that correctly? Lol

You're stupid how do you live in the mountain. Are you like a hills have eyes mutant or something.

BS my ass ive been there three times and have never experianced anything myself,but one night my in-laws decided to go walk the mountain,while there they were taking some pics of each other and then left.they returned home later that night and the next morning i was scanning through the pics and noticed alot of orbs ok big deal but the next pic was shocking and crazy it was a pic of my mother n law standing and right next to her there were two people sitting next to her and they were transparent or see through one was an over weight male wearing a t-shirt and u can even see a design on his shirt,the other was a female with her legs bended and it appears shes trying to scare people by removing her face and you can see her skeletal face,dont believe me?well if only u new me i can show u the pic and i would love to show it to a paranormal team to see what they think.


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