What happened to the small town of Midland?

People traveling out on the 40 highway (route 66) passed by the sign for years. The signs read U.S. Gypsum Minning Company, but hardy any ever used the road back in the 50's.

Then one day the sign wasn't there any more. So a couple od Adventurous souls turned out onto the single lane dirt road and drove out to where the town was supposed to be located. What they found was amazing.

Most of the town was gone. the buildings, streets signs, sidewalks, all disappeared. They went to one of the few still standing buildings which was the post office and found posted on the front door this message taped to the broken window.

"The snow is too heavy...we cannot bear it any more out here by our selves....Good bye"

All 1,000 residents of Midland were now gone. Among the still standing buildings were the school, post office and town hall. Only 40 of the original 400 homes in the area were left. Even the office and minning facilities were gone.

Midland was secluded in a small Cayon in the little Maria Mountains. For over 40 years the small community was home to U.S. Gypsum which made wall board that was used in buildings all over the world.

But by the Mid 1960's, Gypsum was found in another area in a larger concentration and easier to get to, so it was deemed necessary to wipe Midland clean. But why leave a message about heavy snow forcing last residents out.

Imagine living in an area 100 miles from anywhere, connected by a small narrow dirt road, no radio, to TV reception, no neighbors and nothing to do but watch snow flakes fall in the winter and snad storms blow in the summer time. With no trees, nor brush, Midland could have been called Wasteland.

In 1935 Midland was a busy community. By 1965, Midland was no more. A decision by management to erase a town from the map, from memory, except for a few hardy souls, no one today even knows where Midland was located.

Midland, truly exist no more.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter

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