Ode to Mi Taco; Just one of those places....

Mi Taco was one of those little places that you grow up with....In the 90's when I was driving back down to Irvine to the office from working in the Inland empire courts, I would make sure I always had time to stop by Mi Taco to get something to eat by asking the dispatcher if he was hungry for Mi Taco...that's all I would have to say....Are you hungry for Mi Taco.

Usually I would get an order from every one in the office so I was assured of being able to stop and eat....This unpretentious little eating place was located right next to the Mobile Station on 7th ave to the west of Mountain Ave on the south side....what were my favorite foods to eat....Their Hamburger tacos with taco meat, thousand island dressing, cheese, and dill pickle...I know the dill pickle sounds funny but it just added something special to the hamburger....And they were always two for the price of one, so I would always buy extra to eat at home.

I first started going to Mi Taco way back in the 60's when I was in Jr High...We would ride our bikes out there, and boy was it a lonely ride because back then all there were in that entire area of upland were Orange groves and nothing else...Mountain Ave was two lanes wide, 7 st went all the way through to Euclid and only a few homes existed along 7th or eight....I still lived way over on 11 and 11th over by Upland Memorial park right down the street from the dirt track (Yes I said dirt track for racing cars) When I lived on Vallejo Way and 7th street it wasn't that far away anymore so we were always over their.

In High School we would always head over to Mi Taco (I drove then) with my girl friend and other friends...It seems like we always ate the same thing...Me with two or three taco burgers, Linda always had a combination burrito and the others would have what ever they was having....We could sit under the trees in the summer time and watch the cars go by on the 10 freeway, or camp out inside, do our homework, and eat at the same time.

There was another Mi Taco in Riverside, which I would stop at if I was on my way to Indio superior court or Temecula or back to work...when I took over a new job in Riverside I was out there all of the time, but the original Mi Taco in Upland was still the best.

When Mi Taco closed in early 2006, it was because the owner had died and their was really no around who wanted to carry on with the business...Mi Taco will be missed by all of us who have lived here all of our lives and we knew what we had...It was a meeting place for several friends, kind of like the restaurant in Happy Days.

Yeah, just the same sort of place.

Gary Hall, theghostpainter


That's the kind of place I was looking for. I'm new to the Inland Empire and I'm looking for great places to eat. Nice article.

I miss Mi Taco too :(
My brother and I loved getting the giant sized Burrito Ole'. Good stuff!

Oh, and thanks for letting me know the reason why it closed down. I had no idea. It doesn't seem like it's been 4 years already though.

Yes, than you for the reason it closed. I never knew either. I wonder if it was still owned by the original owner Mr Miller? Do you know?

Oh man...I loved MiTaco !! My aunt worked there in the late 70's. I dont think I ever had a bad meal from there. Sad that it's gone now, that was an Upland icon.

Worked there, all my friends worked there. Loved working and eating there, everyone hung out at Mi Taco! Those burrito oles were incredible. I loved the taco burgers too!

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