Mexico Lindo & Seafood Restaurant

One of those places the locals all know about and want to keep to themselves, is known as the Mexico Lindo Restaurant located on the way down from the slopes above town just before you get to the main Highway leading back down to Highway 138.

As of February the Mexico Lindo still retained its 4 star rating (02/05/2008) and even though it has been a few years since I and my friends ate there, a friend of mine who was on the MT skiing assured recently, me that the restaurant was still as spicy and hot as ever and he was just talking about the ski bunnies.

Open late, hot soup and spicy salsa after a long night at Mountain High. They usually close around 9:30/10:00 at night after opening late in the morning, unless it is really slow when all of the snow is gone from the MT's. So.. it is a great place to eat at after nightboarding/skiing at mountain high. (food is just tastier after mountain-fun). Mexico-lindo is just down the street from the resort, the food is served piping hot, and they are so friendly here. I always help myself to a bowl of soup and lots of chips.. mmm.

For those of you who like your fajitas hot and juicy and a meal that will fill you up after a long day on the slopes, these are what you what. The meat is surprisingly tender (even the chicken), the onions and bell peppers perfectly caramelized. I had so much on my plate that I was able to take the leftovers home and share them.

They only have a few sea food dishes, but the Lobster theramdor and the shrimp scampy are served piping hot and absolutely delicious....The beef tenderloin and the rib eye are Prime cut and fantastic.

They also carry a full menu of deserts and beers, many foreign, but I found the Miller went down quite well with the steak I had.

The Restaurant is located at

1253 Evergreen Rd
Wrightwood, CA 92397

(760) 249-4100

On a dark MT after a day of playing in the snow or skiing is the one place you would not expect to find. And when the snow is falling hard, a hot cup of hot chocolate goes well with the brisk MT air. Enjoy

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter


 Mexico Lindo has a second restraunt down the hill in Phelan. Same great food, different town. On Phelan Rd a half mile east of Sheep Creek, next to the gym on the southside of the street.

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