The McGetrick House

NamePicture of the Alta Loma McGetric House

The McGetrick House / The Bradford House

Location in Alta Loma (Rancho Cucamonga) 

9665 Monte Vista Street, Rancho Cucamonga

Style of house

Vernacular Bungalow 

Year Built


The Bradford House, also known as The McGetric House is one of the few remaning houses on Monte Vista Street that still retains it's original architectural integrity.  Most houses on Monte Vista Street which was subdived in 1915 were built to house ranch workers.  The Bradford House was built in 1924 to house the Bradford family who had moved to Alta Loma in the early 1920's.  Most of the houses orignially built on Monte Vista were built from the same materials as the Bradford House but few remain today.

This house is rectangular shaped with a front gable roofline.  The house is one story in height, has a wood framed structure and is sided with 3 inch wide lapped boards.  The facade is symmetrical with the doorway which is flanked by sliding windows that appear as double-hung windows.  The porch gable covering the front door is supported by Doric columns.  The house has an interior ridge chimney sitting at the center of the roof and the gable has a decotrative attic vent.  The house has a cross gabled addtion that is attached on the west side and a metal roofed overhang that is visable at the rear of the home.  The lot is approximatly 50 feet wide by 142 feet deep.

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