Lake Arrowhead, The Rich and the Famous, The Movies and The Legends.

Lake Arrowhead is a small unincorporated community in the San Bernardino National Forest that offers a cool alternative to the smog and haze that covers the San Bernardino Region in the summer time, and in the winter time, those who like the cold snowy Mountains can always find a Château, or Condo for rent hidden away in the forests.....The Lake itself is man made and is about 800 square acres big.

Today, The UCLA Conference Center, a full-service conference facility with lodging and meeting space is located on the north side of the Lake....They also have summer and winter guest cottages for those who wish to spend the week or weekend on the mountain.

Remember Santa's Village, a fairyland setting where Santa's gnomes, elves and little animal friends make up a children's and grownups' paradise the year round.....It had a Lake Arrowhead address but was actually located on the Rim of the World Highway at Rim forest.....I can remember one time my mom and dad came nd got both myself and my sister out of school, on a cold rainy day and with our neighbors and there kids, we all headed up to Santa Village in a very heavy snowstorm....We were the only people there and had what rides were open to ourselves....We all had colds the following weekend.....Santa's Village opened in 1955 and closed 1998, shortly after I took my nieces out of school and took them to the Village, but it was a nice warm day, and the place was packed.

Lake Arrowhead, has been a second home to Hollywood movies since the early 1900’s....The community and Hollywood have worked hand in hand throughout the years to create many excellent and well remembered movies.....The first film shot in and around the lake was The Romance Of The Bar O, starring Bronco Billy Anderson, back in 1911.....Since then, Lake Arrowhead has been used as a double for countries like Switzerland, Canada, Alaska and Kentucky.....Many of the Hollywood stars who have made movies in the area have built and continue to own homes in Lake Arrowhead.

To this day, the log cabins that were built by Hollywood actor Charles Ray, back in 1923 for his epic film The Courtship of Miles Standish, survive and remain in Lake Arrowhead.

Lake Arrowhead and Hollywood have become renowned for their film success.....Some of the more recent films include The American President in 1995 and Space Jam in 1996, starring Michael Jordan and Bill Murray.

The fledgling Moving Picture business came early to San Bernardino Mountains......The public's thirst for adventure films was appeased by tales of the great southwest in the form of the "western"......Los Angeles had already become a mecca for the budding industry by 1909......The San Bernardino mountains beckoned the early film makers with the promises of tall timber and grassy meadows......Location shooting was easy because hunting and fishing lodges were already available to house the film crews......Although films were probably already being made in the mountains, the earliest documentation was an item in the Redlands Daily review, January 19, 1913, indicating that the Selig Bear Valley Co. was in our mountains filming "The Cattle Rustlers".
Cecil B. DeMille first came to Lake Arrowhead in 1913 and he brought with him came a group of actors to film his famous moving picture "The Squaw Man" which was filmed around the Pine Crest Lodge. ....This film was considered one of the first to start a trend toward longer films with quality writing and first class actors.....DeMille returned to the mountains several more times in the ensuing years with many famous silent stars including Gloria Swanson.

The Inland Empire mountains have lent themselves to the western genre of film as well as many a "Mountie" picture.....The golden age for film making in the mountains was during the Twenties and Thirties.....One old timer recalls that there were so many companies up here shooting pictures that they were practically tripping over one another..... Many famous films were shot on location in Fawnskin, Rim Forest, Crestline and Lake Gregory and continue to be made to this day.

Some Notorious Trivia

Bugsy Siegal Bracken Fern Manor
Bugsy Siegal Bracken Fern Manor, The brainchild of Chicago mobster, Bugsy Siegel, this Alpine style inn was opened as Club Arrowhead in 1929. The state of the art club catered to the rich and famous of Hollywood, offering gambling, illegal liquor, and prostitution. It also offered legal amenities such as an Olympic size swimming pool, skiing, tennis courts, a bathhouse, and more. So successful was the resort, that Bugsy was soon able to convince the bosses in Chicago to front the money for another little gambling spot in the middle of nowhere -- Las Vegas. The brothel, known as "The Crib," continued operations through World War II and gambling operations were maintained in the speakeasy up to 1955. Now a Certified Historic Landmark in the State of California, Bracken Fern is also said to be haunted by a former prostitute named Violet. The prostitute killed herself after the mob killed her lover and her violet scented perfume can still be smelled wafting through the halls. Another ghost of a small boy has also been seen at this historic inn. Thought to be the son of a former prostitute he was trampled by a team of horses. Today his tiny footsteps are often seen in the snow.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter


hello my name is Bryan and my grandpa house a house right on lake arrowhead and there was always rumors that Michael Jackson had a house on the lake as well. is that true? thank you

- Bryan

ACTUALLY, yes. The late singer did indeed have a beautiful home on Lake Arrowhead and a full golf club membership under a fake name. The late gangster Bugsy Siegel ALSO owned and ran a bordello/gambling hall off of Hwy. 18 by Lake Arrowhead. In what is now called Lake Arrowhead Estates. When you are on Hwy. 18, look for the street. go down the street and you will see a white building with brown trim...(for sale). That was it!!

Actually, there is no Lake Arrowhead Estates. There's Crest Estates, which is less then a mile from the place you're talking about, and the Cedar Ridge Estates, but that's over by Cedar Glen on the east side of the lake. The street you mean to cite is Arrowhead Villas Road. It enters a neighborhood off Hwy 18 by a CalTrans maintenance yard. The house you're talking about has been called The Tudr House for decades. Yes, it has a nefarious past. It was sold last year or this, I don't remember. It's a restaurant now, with live music and burgers. It's pretty crowded, too loud to visit with friends, and the burgers are mediocre and the service.... I've left after listening to music with friends for 2 hours and never got my burger. The staff is nice, but inexperienced and inefficient, and the owners, not seeing this, at food service are inept.

AS a former resident of Lake Arrowhead, I saw Michael Jordan dancing 'the butt' in the Lake Arrowhead Resort, Heather Locklear eating pizza, Eric La Salle getting a latte with his entourage of about 20, a couple well knowns at an anonymous meeting, and the mean husband from Thelma & Louise (he's actually very nice) at a bbq on the lake.
A great place to live - at least during the time that I did, and a great place to visit!

I have met Vince Neil (vocalist for Mötley Crüe), and I have seen M. Shadows (vocalist for Avenged Sevenfold), Zacky Vengeance (rhythm guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold), and Will Smith (actor). That's pretty much it.

Did the comedians Abott and Costello once own a home at Lake Arrowhead? If so what part of the lake was it on.

My husbands grandmother had stills of a silent she made there around 1917..she told him that mules carried their equipment.The pics show a young woman with a baby trying to drag her husband out of a poker game at a bar.Heavy parkas,villians.snow,log cabins and Indians,it has it all and she is beautiful. Do you know of this silent picture>>>

Did Al Capone build a home near The Village in Arrowhead, and have a tunnel that led to the lake?

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