The KKK In Fontana

After the civil war and the south on the losing side, many of the southerns moved to Fontana and Rancho. The Sycamore In's owner 1865 was a confederate sympathizer.

The KKK was formed shortly after the 1890s. Mr pepper was the founder of the KKK in Fontana. The blacks that also came after 1890 were forced to live on the north side of Fontana. The bed rock track is still there till this day. It went from Beech east, Highland south, Baseline north and Oleander west.

On the corner of Citrus and Highland was a bar and the headquarters of the Black Panthers in the 60s. It waS burned to the ground by the KKK. The last KKK march was down Sierra south of Foothill in 1987.

The mexicans were forced to live in the south west part of the city. After World War II the Hells Angels started their bike club in the south west in a chicken farm. That since then has been torn down.

The I.E. Pecker Woods started in Fontana also known as the Fontana Boys. They are still active to this day. They are the sons and grand sons of KKK members.

I have 3og KKK familys that live on my street. They still exsits in fontana and all over the I.E.

I've also been able to go inside the Al Capone house.

God bless


There's one thing we can count on. 5 years 10 years 20 years 30 years from now. You'll still be living in Fontana, talking about the good old days, with your minimum wage jobs, God Bless America!

My nephew calls Fontans "fontucky"

i just moved to that area fontana close to me..just curious

Yes it is. Right down the hill from you

Just heard of a black felon who shoot and killed a LA Sheriff officer today. Want to find a local chapter of a KKK group in the Victorville, Ca area to join. Im a 63 yr old veteran of the Vietnam war and sick of the BLM movement when whites are being murdered in my backyard. When will whites start protesting these senseless murders by black thugs in our neighborhoods. I have plenty of money to support our cause for our rights and freedoms.

But im native/mexican american and i too am tierd of black lifes matter. Which is also a hate group like the kkk, the new black panther, NSM, the new brown berets, etc. Its ironic how white people march with the black lifes matter movement but when whites get killed, blacks don't march for the whites or my people. My dad is a Vietnam veteran and all my family is military. Yes theres crime but whites commit crimes and murders too. They've been killing my people for over 450 years and counting. I shld hate whites but i don't. Im a christian aka The Hood Pastor. You can fine all my vids on youtube under The Hood Pastor and hate is in every race. I've been arrested and ruffed by cops here in fontana for ministering to the homeless and that nite the homeless man was white. But i defended him and well you know how it went...

And it was started by a well know black racist professor. Their anti white so why do whites march with them when they don't march with whites??? Because white people feel sorry for all the crap you guys have done and continue to do. Its just facts. I get along with everybody. Because im christian aka The Hood Pastor. Or i shld say i try to get along with everybody ha ha. But i am tierd of the black lifes matter movement and their high jacking of other causes.

All the info was given to me by ex members of the KKK, blacks who grew up in the trax, and mexicans who grew up in the south. Pkus my own historical back ground i did on the history of LA and the IE

I so agree with you Kenneth. This whole thing is a bunch of crap I'm tired of this whole black lives matter crap.

I so agree with your comments!

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