Keep the weeds down. Hire a goat.

Goats graze on the vegetation along the hill side in Chino Hills as they clear the weeds on the hilly terrain where tractors can't go for weed abatement May 17, 2007.How many of you remember driving down Foothill years ago, before all of the stores and condos were built and watched the sheep herds move through the area up to the hills eating all of the grass and dried weeds before they caught fire....Well now Chino has brought back the animal fire control beasts but this time in the gize of goats.

More than 200 chomping and stomping goats made their annual visit on Friday as they helped the city prepare for the fire season by eating dry brush......When open areas are cleared of shrubbery, a wildfire can be slowed or stopped because the fire will not have fuel......Grazing sheep have been used for weed abatement in the city's open space since 2000, and three years ago goats became part of the program.

Just west of Rock Springs Drive on the north side of Chino Avenue, the goats were guided on the steep hill in Rolling Ridge where they were expected to clear 14 acres of brush behind a neighborhood of houses......The goats were expected to satisfy that requirement by eating vegetation from where city property begins behind the homes to about 300 feet outward, otherwise if the goats were not there the city would be required to hire a weed-abatement crew and noisy machines.....The residents prefer the quite eating of the goats to noisy machines.

City officials report that the goats eating habits have already saved one housing area a couple of years ago, when a wild fire burned down to the area where the goats had already eaten and the fire just went out since it did not have any fuel to feed off of.....The goats continue to keep the area clear and save the city nearly $10,000, the cost of a weed abatement crew for just this area.

Pedro Indacochea, owner of Indacochea Sheep Ranch, contracts goat and sheep grazing at very low cost to the city....He said his 200 goats can clear about an acre a day, and he has never lost a goat to Union problems.

The goats are enclosed in a fence when they are not grazing, and a rancher stays with them day and night in a small trailer on the site.....A fire inspector for Chino Valley Independent Fire District, said the goats used for weed abatement are a great asset for reducing the spread of fires.....What the goats don't eat they trample down and mulch up, he said.....Either way it works good because you don't have the leftover dust.

The Goat Weed abatement program has worked....In the past 6 years there have two or three wild fires that have burned down to where the goats have eaten and the fires have stopped dead in there tracks.....Other cities, like Fontana, Claremont and Cucamonga are looking at sheep and goats as a cheap and efficient way of keeping the hill areas free of fires.


Gary Hall, the ghostpainter 


I would like to hire a goat to eat the weeds in my Yucaipa, CA backyard (about 1/2) acre. My son and neighbors are also interested in this service for their yards. Please contact me at 702.249.8266 or my e-mail

Where can I rent a goat for some weed control in my back yard? I live on less that 1/4 acre

I am very interested in renting goats for my front yard. I live in Victorville, my property is fenced by a four foot chain link fence and it is full of weeds. I do not use pesticides and would be grateful to rent a couple. thank you so much for providing this service! hope to hear from you soon. 3/16/17 Thank you!

2 enclosed yards with lots of weeds. How much does it cost?

We have a house with a large back yard covered with fox tails. The previous owners had dogs but no goats. We would love to rent a goat to clean the yard

I have land property of 3 acres and i need to clean dried weed and grass. How much does it cost?

I live on a 1/2 acre in Norco.
Because of the past rains we have had my back yard has gotten away from me with weeds

I need HELP my half acre is over grown with weeds and would like very mush interested in renting your Goats do not want no I don't want to use poison on the weeds. Please contact me as soon as you can and let me know eather way and if so what is the cost. Thank you Vicki

Do u still rent goats? I am in Highland. Entire lot including house is 9,900 sq ft.

My 0.75 acre backyard is full of weeds and I would like to rent a goat to eat them. I live in Highland. How much would it cost?


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