We invented Skateboards

Well sort of.... Back in the 50's and early 60's during the hot warm summer nights we invented skateboards....sort of....What we would do is take two 2X4's and nail them together, then take three pair of skates and nail them to the 6 foot length of board....We would then go out on the streets and side walks of Upland and ride well into the night usually two to a board and make all sorts of noise and commotion. But we kids being kids got bored with just riding around in our driveways and on our own streets....So we decided to put brakes on them with the aim of taking the boards up to the top of Euclid in San Antonio Heights and ride them as far south as possible...Right through foothill blvd which at the time was the only cross street on Euclid to have signals....We had one of the older kids take us up by car and then we would ride the boards down, as fast as we could, figuring that the brake we had built would stop us if the light on Foothill changed from green to red on us. The first time we tried it was about 1: am in the morning....It was also the last time we tried it for reason which shall become obvious to the reader in a few moments.....As we headed down hill on Euclid we picked up speed to about 30 mph....There were two of us on each board and there were three boards all together. As we neared Foothill we watched the lights to see if we needed to stop....at about 13 th street, the light changed so we all hit the brakes....none of them worked....in fact they all broke off....So at 30 mph we went flying through the lights at Foothill, yelling and screaming and just having a grand ole time....Until we saw the cops. It seems that the good people of Euclid ave did not like all the noise we were making so they called the police dept....They were waiting for us down on Foothill....But we just roared right on by them still screaming and yelling....We finally stopped at 6 th street just on the other side of the 10 freeway in Ontario, with 4 police cars, one CHP, and two fire trucks chasing us down Euclid. No one was hurt of course, but the cops were mad and the firemen were ready to hose us down....But luckily, one of the firemen was my uncle David, and one of the police officers was my girl friends Sydney's dad....They yelled at us for causing such a ruckus and a big mess, then took us home, making us promise not to ride our boards on the streets anymore. My dad just laughed at me and told me to go to bed....I was a nerdy type of kid and really didn't do all that much to get into trouble, but when I did I usually managed to pull something like this off. But ya know, they didn't tell us we could not ride the boards on the side walks....So the very next night, we were out again at about the same time, and riding our boards down the main street of Upland then back to our house....Again with two police units trailing us home....This time, my dad said we had to destroy the boards....So we did destroy two of them....But we out again over the weekend keeping to our own neighborhood....That didn't work either....I guess people just didn't like to be woke up at 2 am in the morning with the clicks clack of skates in front of the there homes. About 2 years later the first skate boards came out....And guess what....The city of Upland promptly posted signs saying "No Skate Boards allowed on walkways, crosswalks or streets" Now that just wasn't fair....We hadn't even had a chance to try um out yet....But then they built Bullwinkle's on 7th street and some other dudes figured out how to skate in dry pools and off of roof tops so we were all happy. Gary Hall the ghostpainter

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