THIS IS WAR....HOW MANY BALLOONS DO WE NEED? As I have mentioned before, I was a nerdy type of a kid, I tried out for football and got all of my fingers smashed and my chest caved in and that was from my own team mates....Of course when you play against natural born athletes like Rollie Fingers and Richard Smmons, both of whom eventually played professional sports, I was at a disadvantage right from the start...So I decided to join the band since I could play the drums....That way I got into all of the games free, was with my girl friend most of the time and didn't have to worry about getting hurt all of the time. But this is another story of how a war of words between various groups of kids turned into actual combat, which also turned into lots of fun, a really big mess and the police called.....again. I don't remember how it all got started but I think it was mainly between the Jocks like John Pollich and the rest of the school....By the time we were finished the war grew to include kids from Chaffy High as well as Upland Jr. High and Upland High with hundreds of water balloons filled with colored water tossed at a home on 7th street, which turned out to be the wrong house....That's one reason the police got called by the owners...Or maybe it was just the mess created by hundreds of balloons all over the place, in the power lines, on the 10 freeway, passing cars...You name it, it was covered by a broken balloon, even the neighborhood cats and dogs were covered in balloons and I think a pigeon might have been clobbered by a red balloon. Anyway, it turned out that there were probably 100 kids against the 10 or 15 inside the house.....And we would attack in waves, even the girls got in on the fun....At one point we had so many kids on 7th street that we had it closed seems lots of people were driving over to see what all the ruckus was about....If they came around the corner they got several balloons thrown at there car. After about an hour of this the police showed up and we all scattered, leaving behind one hell of a mess to clean up....There were balloons all over the place and the house looked as bad as if it had be toilet papered, even worse....I think it took the homeowners and the kids they could pin responsibility on all week to clean up the mess....Me...My excuse was I was doing my homework and didn't hear a thing. But for one brief period in mid winter several dozen of us had a ball....If kids tried to do that sort of thing today, you can imagine all of the problems that would ensue....You have to admit, that as kids we got away with a lot back then....Too bad...things were so much easier back then in the early 60's. But come to think of it, we did have something hanging over our heads that most kids today have never experienced....The Cuban Missile Crises was taking place and Present Kennedy had just ordered the Navy to stop and search all Russian ships heading for far as we knew, we had one week to live....Maybe that's why the cops never really got us for all of our tom foolery. We had things so much simpler back then....Or did we? Gary Hall, the ghostpainter

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