My Mom and the Outhouse

Our neighbor across the street from us Hu Peck had a large yard and had a Japanese Garden with giant Coy Fish and equally giant Toads....Long water cress grass, lilies and one object that just did not seem to fit in the garden....An double door outhouse...In fact, to my Mom it didn't belong in any garden...It belonged on a farm...She should know, she grew up on a farm in Hemet and had to use one here entire teen age life....No wonder she hated it so much. Anyways, One day she had acquired two giant cherry bombs....Back in those days fire works were legal every where in the Inland Empire....Hu was asleep, it being Saturday and his day off and his wife and kids were out grocery shopping. My Mom snuck over to Hu's house and into the back yard....She then threw both light cherry bombs into the outhouse and made a beeline back home and into the kitchen....I was outside with several of my friends and we were wondering why she was running back to the house....A few seconds later a huge boom went off in Hu's back yard....It was the two cherry bombs....They blew the top right off of the thing and one of the plastic potty lids actually landed on the roof of the house. Hu came running out the front door and seeing all of us kids accused us of doing something in his back yard....We were all laughing our asses off while he was running around looking for the source of the explosion....Mean while my Mom, in the Kitchen had a big ole smile on here face....But she never said a word....ever....Not even to defend her own son dog gone it. Hu called the fire and the police departments....There showing up was even funnier....Hu was trying to explain to them what had happened even though he had been asleep, and none of us were saying anything, and of course my mom was standing out in the crowd watching all of the police and firemen....She almost gave her self a way....She was talking to the Fire Chief, whom she knew since we had so many firemen active in Upland and Ontario Fire. At one point he looked her right in the eye and sad "Now Ruth, you sure you don't something about this?" She almost broke out laughing, but she was able to control herself. To this day, I have never told Hu's widow about the two Cherry bombs....It seems so long ago, and almost all of the people involved are gone, even my Mom. But Im sure if she ever manages to think about the time she blew up Hu's out house, there is a big ole smile on her face....My Mom was a little stern with us kids but if she pull one over on every one, she would do it in a second. Gary Hall the ghostpainter

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