Fontana pot issue on hold; Moratorium placed on disputed dispensaries

FONTANA - It takes a drive to Los Angeles for Kay Smith to get her medicine. The same thing for Shawn Tizabi, who suffers with back pain and insomnia. But an answer as to whether they and others who use medical marijuana will be able to have access to it legally in Fontana won't come any time soon. The Fontana City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to enact a 45-day moratorium on the establishment and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries. "Locally, there is no place for me to get my medication," said Smith, who has used marijuana for about seven years to ease the pain of her various ailments and help her insomnia. Unlike prescription pills, marijuana does not make her feel ill. But with high gas prices and traffic congestion, the long drive to Los Angeles is more than a hassle, Smith told the City Council on Tuesday. Tizabi has asked city officials about opening Helping Hands Collective Caregivers, a medical marijuana dispensary he would like to have in Fontana. "There's tons of patients from different cities that don't have safe access," he said.

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