Board plans to measure Speedway value

No one questions whether California Speedway is valuable to the Inland Empire. But the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors wants to know exactly how valuable it is. On Tuesday, board members authorized a plan to analyze the economic impact for the Speedway's redevelopment project area in Fontana. "This board has made it a priority to redevelop around the Speedway," said Paul Biane, chairman of the board, adding that the study should arm decision-makers with ample information. John Husing, a regional economist based in Redlands, found four years ago that one race pumped $136million into the economy and two races added as much as $220million. San Bernardino County made a strong commitment nearly a year ago when supervisors approved a three-year, $2.1million sponsorship agreement with the Speedway. The deal means the county's name will be used during a nationally televised NASCAR event, and that it will be displayed throughout the Speedway as part of the county's promotional effort that hails the region as "Opportunity, California." The agreement followed the county's reclassifying the area around the Speedway into a redevelopment district more than a decade ago. At least

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