Information about Idyllwild, California

Idyllwild is located in the San Jacinto mountains of Southern California, tucked away in the remote, southern portion of the San Bernardino National Forest above Palm Springs. At 10,804 feet above sea level, Mt. San Jacinto is the second tallest mountain in Southern California.

I have a family history on Idyllwild that goes back 75 years. My family, namely the Smiths, Arnezs and Lees owned much of the Mountain back in the 50's and 60's.

When I was 7 I went by horseback on my uncles supply pack train up to the then building Palm Springs Tramway. I always remember that I got real mad when my hat blew off and no one would go get it. We were on the North face of San Jacinto and it was 7,000 feet straight down. My dad told me to shut up and he would buy me a new hat when we got back down the Mt.

One of the big changes on the Mt during the 60's was when I uncle Bill Smith, sold his Rodeo grounds and all of his horses to some company called American Foods. They built a Alpha Beta Market where the stables once stood. That's progress I guess.

I have been in Idyllwild when it was 105 degrees in mid august with dry thunderstorms booming against suicide Rock (Real Name is Lilly's Rock) to the time it was 15 below and 4 feet of snow fell. We went bobsledding down the main street of town since no one could drive on the ice covered road. My dad went flying off one corner flew into a tree and busted 3 ribs, but we all thought that was just hilarious.

Most of those people are gone now and Idyllwild has changed forever.