History of the Soboba Rd. Estudillo Mansion

Well I read some of the comments regarding the history of the Estudillo Mansion and I might add some info that you may be interested in.

Adelaide was a Rubidoux, born Feb. 1, 1848 in Jurupa, CA Died October 29, 1924 in Riverside, CA.   She was the daughter of Louis Rubidoux (Robidoux) and Guadalupe Garcia. She married first J. inocente Valdez 9-22-1862 in Aqua Mansa, CA.  His parents Jose Maria & Manuela Duarte. She married second Jose Antonio Estudillo 1-3-1875 his parents Jose Antonio & M Victoria Dominguez. You can find this information in the book "Louis Robidoux, The Pioneer" written by Clyde M. Rabideau.

Now, I have done some research on Guadalupe Garcia and Louis Rubidoux met her in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was Maria Guadalupe Garcia de Noriega from a very old Spanish family traced back to the 1400 era in Spain and her family was sent to New Mexico by the Spanish Government. Guadalupe after Louis Rubidoux passed away and after several years sold the Ranch in Jurupa now the town of Rubidoux and she moved in with her daughter Adelaide and lived with her at Soboba Springs Ranch until her death in 1892. Louis Rubidoux and Guadalupe Garcia were Raynaldo Willard Rubidoux's great, great grandparents. Louis to Abundo to Willard Patrick to Lyman to Raynaldo Rubidoux is the direct line.

An Indian princes might have been a nice story but Louis Rubidoux was very very French and Guadalupe was very very Spanish. The other Estudillo brother, Francisco married Carmelita Rubidoux, Adelaide's sister, who was born 1844 in Corralitos, Sonora, New Mexico and died 10-23-1873 Aqua Mansa, CA. She first married Emanuel Palomares June 5, 1862 in Aqua Mansa, CA his parents Ignacio & Concepcion Lopez. She married second Francisco Estiudillo March 16, 1866 in Aqua Mansa, CA, his parents same as Antonio who married Adelaide. Hope this is helpful information. Cora Rubidoux, wife of Raynaldo Rubidoux.


I would like to know how I am related to the Rubidoux family

My grandfather was John QUINTANA MARRIED BROTHER OF Lucinda Rubidoux

Regarding John Quintana brother of Lucy Quintana who married Willard Patrick Rubidoux. Here is what I know. John Quintana born in 1887 CA death 1953 Butte, CA parents were Juan Quintana born 1858 in San Bernardino Co. married Maria Antonia Cooper.
We can find nothing at all on Antonia Cooper other than she was English according to Lucy Quintana. Juan Quintan and Antonia Cooper appear on the christening records of Aurelia Mary Quintana born 1885 death 1959 married Gus A. James.
Parents name are on certificate. Edith Rubidoux remembers her Aunt Aurelia and that is the only way I found the name of
Juan Quintana, it appears no where else that I could find but his father's profile and not positive but think it is correct.
Diego Quintana born 1822 New Mexico death 1-24-1906 San Bernardino Co. lived in 1880 in Agua Mansa 1886 in Jurupa and was a stock raiser married Maria de los Santos Higuera born 1823 CA.
Diego Quintana's parents are Gabriel Quintana and Encarnacion Pacheco.
Maria de los Santos Higuera's parents are Salvador Higuera and Maria Juliana Ricarda Soto born 1802.

Rose M. Quintan, John's sister, married Manuel Rubidoux and Lucy Quintana married Willard Patrick Rubidoux both Rubidouxs were Abundo's sons.

I would love for you to contact me if you have any more information on the Quintana family especially who was Marie Antoinette Cooper, she was John's mother. We know she was English and according to the family, her father either owned
or was in the Ship buisness. He may have been a Captian on a ship but we can find absolutely nothing on her.
Cora Rubidoux

The chapter about the history of this mansion is closed. The property has been fenced in and the building has been dismantled. Crews have been working all this week tearing down the old building. The old brink that covered the mansion have been saved and put on pallets. For what purpose is unclear. As far as the other two buildings on the property I am not sure of their fate. But I think it would be safe to say that those would be and probably have been demolished also.

That's sad..

Anything being saved will probably be used for the twin Estudillo mansion on the other side of town.. they already raided the Sobaba mansion for things like door knobs and light fixtures when they renovated the Estudillo mansion a few years ago.


My great, great grandfather born in Santa Barbara CA in 1849, and died in 1934 in Riverside CA. Per marriage documents, Manuel De Albar married a Lucy Quintana in 1876 in San Diego (March 3.) Manuel worked as a top hand at the Estudillo Ranch. He said in one account that the Sr. Estudillo was his uncle, through marriage. Manuel and his wife Amelia, later adopted a boy named Joseph Andrew Robidoux. Andrew took the name De Albar as a surname for most of his life and considered the De Albar's as his parents. The marriage between "Lucy" was short lived, but I cannot find any more information on the union. Manuel also mentioned the working for the well known cattleman, Charles Thomas in the 1860's. Manuel's only daughter Tomasa, later married Abundo Quintana. Born in Riverside1884, died in Stockton CA in 1952. I am trying to get more information on Lucy Quintana, and also trying to unravel the story of Joseph Andrew Robidoux. Andrew, as he was called, died in 1941.

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