Highland Ave before the 210

What memories do you have of Highland ave before the 210 Freeway was built and do you have any photos.
I remember there once being a 15 freeway entrance to it.


I remember driving home to Azusa, from my parents house in Hesperia and getting off the 15 and cutting across Highland until it ended at Archibald where I would go down to Baseline.. No pictures though.

I remember the produce/cherry stand on the north west corner of Sierra and Highland in Fontana

I remember that produce stand near the intersection of Sierra and Highland in Fontana as well. It had a good location because it was at that intersection that had a 4-way stop and a blinking red light (at least in the 1960's). That intersection and produce stand was the only substantial thing between Neeley's (spelling?) Corner and where more of Fontana started around Miller Avenue. Of course back in the 1950's and 1960's there was no Interstate 15 in the Fontana area so there was just lots of open land and tumbleweeds. During those times Highland Avenue was even more desolate then Baseline Avenue.

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