The Haunted Tree In Ontario

The story of the haunted tree in Ontario (across from Ontario Airport) goes like this:

In Ontario (Guasti) across from the airport, there is a tree that grew up in a big open field where the bodies of an airline crash were laid. It is the only plane crash that occurred at Ontario, during World War II. As the tree grew it has grown twisted and grotesque with roots are nearly 75 feet deep. As you approach the tree you will hear the ruffling of thousands of crows on branches but you cannot see them.

One account of of the tree from a few years ago is as follows:

Back in 1990 I was a truck driver.  I stopped at the truck stop and took a walk down the railroad tracks across from the airport.   Out in the field was this really weird looking tree.  I decided to walk over to it.  As I got close to the tree I could hear the crows feet but i could not see any.  I backed up slowly but as i did, I heard a loud roaring sound behind me.  I turned to see an airliner taking off from the airport.  I then looked back at the tree and right away i knew what the tree was.  It was as if I knew all about it.

And yet another report about the haunted tree:

I have been to the tree in the field and no one told me but i knew what it was. i got goosebumps approaching it.  I wonder if it is still there.

In 2011 looked into the Haunted Ontario Tree:

  • The story says that the bodies of the victims of an airline crash during World War II at Ontario airport were laid here.  Our research shows that during World War II Ontario Airport was used as an Army Air Corps training and operational base.  This would make it very unlikely that any commercial airliner would be landing at the airport, much less crashing there.
  • The story says that the roots of the tree go as deep as 75 feet.  Roots this deep, especially in the Ontario area where the soil is very rocky, would be highly unusual since most tree roots never go any deeper than 10 feet.  There is also the question of how anybody would know how deep the roots go without actually digging them up.  Finally - we aren't sure how the depth of the roots of the tree make the story any scarier.
  • The crux of the story is that as you approach the haunted tree you can hear the ruffling of thousands of crows on branches but you cannot see them.  There are many crows in this area, so hearing the sound of them would not be unusual and not seeing the the crows in a large tree also does not seem out of the question.  We aren't really sure how this even counts as being haunted
  • Finally - as of September 2011, virtually all of the trees and fields in the Guasti area from Archibald Avenue east to Haven are fenced off and marked very clearly "No Trespassing".  So for now at least, the story of the Haunted Tree in Guasti (Ontario) is not only not very scary, but very difficult to verify.

If you have any other stories about the Haunted Tree across from Ontario Airport or have any other informaiton, please post it in the comments below.


Hey man this story really interested me and i live right by it and own part of the property the airport is on, the gravel pit at the end is ours. Cud u contact me about please and maybe send that pic, my family has been here all there lives. Give my a txt if u can 6138278357. Thanx

Hi Justin sorry for the delay...

I have tried to call you, just send me an email i'll show you the picture.. I will try to post it here

Sorry I can't post a picture don't know how with this site

If any of you got a story about the airport of Stirling or got familly member who crash there or died there please contact me I'll send you the picture by email

trees don't get haunted

Took some hard advice and went through the FAA entire manifest of every single aviation accident since the beginning of flight. Search through every section and there was never a plane crash landing at OIA just a small 4 seat plane had a malfunction at take off and had a quick crash landing with not deaths just minor injuries. Haunted tree probably the dumbest ghost story in the inland empire Thanks for taking the time to read this

Paul Jelley
Managing editor
Haunted Empire Production Co.


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