Strange things go bump in the night at Riversides oldest cemeteries.

Add in some shadowy figures, ungodly screams, guns shots heard in the middle of the night and no one around and fresh footprints on head stones in the morning is enough to make any ghost hunter happy.

But it seems that several graveyards have their share of ghostly apperations. Recently ghost hunters visited Colton's Agua Mansa Cemetery to investigate some recent activity. One grave site was of great interest to them. The grave was marked only by a splintered wooden cross leaning on its side in the knee high grass.

What is sorry is that no one knows who is buried here. No name No headstone, just two wooden splinters to mark where someone is buried. And yet, on dark foggy nights residents across the street from the cemetery claim to hear cries of grief from a woman at the grave site and on other nights, a shadowy figure is said to rise from the grave and move around towards the Santa Ana river then disappear from sight.

One time, someone left flowers at the base of the wooden cross and the next day they were all dead. Another time plastic flowers were left and the next morning the flowers were melted into a pool of wax. Laughter could be heard gently in the background amongst the other graves.

At the Rubudoux Cemetery cars have been known to die as there owners traversed the park. It is one of rare parks I know of that traffic is allowed to travel through the cemetery to get to home and businesses on the other side, also to the UC Riverside campus. Other times on foggy nights residents could hear screams and even muffled gunshots emanating from the cemetery.

During clear nights the cemetery is usually quite. But recently, a voice could be heard to cry out help me several times from the grave yard. The police were called just to make sure someone was not hurt in the area. The police found nothing but one officer reported that he felt that he was being followed, and when he tried to enter his car to leave, the door felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. He could just barely open it.

One night a group of teenagers were drinking and had wandered into the cemetery. The house was right across the street so they felt that they were safe if anything happened. some of them were sitting on the ground and one slightly drunk individual was sitting on a headstone kicking his feet against the granite.

He suddenly jumped up and said that he suddenly felt a ice cold chill sweep through his bones. Then to all of there shock, a husky sounding voice said in a tone meant to chill ones soul, "LEAVE!!!!!!" they left.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter

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