A Red Rose for my Dad....

After my dad died, flowers were always placed at his crypt in Bellevue. And relatives always noticed that on a certain date of each year a Red Rose would appear. My mom asked about it, thinking it might be my dads mom who was doing it but Mable always denied that she was the one responsible.

this went on for several years, so finally in about 1997, I felt for some reason it was time to start asking questions. My mom said no and most of my dads brothers and sisters that were still alive said they did not know who left the rose. Except for Jack, my dads oldest surviving brother. He said he knew all about it but was not allowed to tell me until after my Mom had died.

Now this just got me wanting to know what the hell was going on. To me this meant that a secret not spoken in my house for over 40 years might be true.

As far as I knew, my mom and dad were always together married for over 32 years until he died in 1978. but there had always been dark rumors about another woman, long before my dad married my mom, back when my dad was only 15 years old.

During the depression, many families had to put there kids with others that could afford to take care of them. That was easy for my dad, he was wild, part Indian, so living on the Indian reservation up in Anza on Thomas MT, was no problem for him.

The woman whom shall forever remain nameless as a promise to her (Yes I met Her) was recently divorced (1936) and my dad being my dad had an affair with her that resulted in a child. This was the dark secret, or least my mom felt it was a dark secret, that every one in the family had pledged to keep from me.

Jack made the arrangements and I was able to meet her, see her children's pictures, (More Halls that was for sure) especially one. I felt like I was looking at my twin. That was the one and only time I was to see her. I got sick a year later.

What's odd though, is that for years, I would have people come up to me, people I had never seen and shake my hand ask how I was and how was my mom and dad etc etc. I explain to them that I don't know what they are talking about. Now I did.

Any way the Red Rose was still delivered on a certain day of the year. then I was notified by Jack that the woman my dad had known as a kid had passed away. So we figured no more Roses for my dad.

Boy was I wrong. The very next year on the same day as always, a red rose was hanging from his Crypt. I asked the management if they knew who it was and they said they did not know who was leaving the rose.

To this day a Red rose is left at my dads crypt. I don't go there, in fact I have only been there 3 or 4 times in the last 30 years and never to my moms grave site. I just don't feel the need.

Perhaps that's why the Red rose is left behind. But I don't think so. I think it is someone in her family leaving the rose. Who! you might ask yourself. Why the dark secret of this whole story of course. My Brother, whom I have never met, but only seen once in a picture hanging on a wall of a woman whom I was told didn't exist, carrying on the tradition his mother had started nearly 30 years ago.

Almost every one involved in this story is gone, so I shouldn't be stepping on any toes or hurting any ones feelings. Its Kinda like the Kennedy Assassation. All records to be kept sealed till at least 2060 so that no one alive today will see the reports.

Well Im still alive for some reason and I think I understand the reason for all of the secretcy. So Mom, if you are reading this from somewhere, on your next visit just keep on going. All is well.

Gary Hall the ghostpainter

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