Is The Mission Inn Haunted ?

In Riverside the most haunted place is of course the famous Mission Inn..

The Mission Inn is an older building, and very spooky in several of the extremely classy and pricey rooms... While guests of the Inn are enjoying the modern amenities afforded them, such as an outdoor Olympic sized pool and first class fitness center, the catacombs that run underneath the building heading in the direction of Mt. Rubidoux are now closed..  These catacombs were rumored to exist and were a great topic of discussion in Jr High, but like most rumor of this nature, no one had ever been in them nor did any one know of anyone who had been..  It wasn't until the late 90's that the rumors of the haunted catacombs of The Mission Inn were finally put to bed..  A construction digger dug into one of the catacombs.  That really settled things didn't it. One current employee of the Mission Inn remembers, an older gentleman was once given a room in one of the upper stories of the building, as there were no lower floor rooms available due to the 1939 remodeling.. The next morning, when the gentleman was asked if his accommodations were adequate, he was reported to have said to this worker that all was fine, and he even enjoyed the singing in the next room.. When told he was the only tenant on the floor, the old man nearly passed out.

The Mission Inn is supposedly haunted by the Millers, the first owners of a 12 room cottage where the pool now sits. The existing structure of the hotel was begun in 1900 and completed in approximately 1947. Owned first by C.C. Miller and then sold to his son Frank shortly before his death, in 1900. Frank's sister, Alice, reportedly the one who like to sing while she worked, managed the hotel until her death in the late '40s.

The following lists are all of the rooms in the Mission Inn that are reported to be haunted. Room 215; reports of blue lights the size of a bowling ball has been reported inside room 215.

Alice Miller's ('Aunt Alice') room, 4th floor, south east corner. This two-level room is very active.. Reports of cold spots, touches, apparitions. Strong presence of Alice.

The Bridal Honeymoon Suite across from Alice Miller's room. There have been multiple reports of people being pushed or rather hurried along as they went down the spiral staircase of this two-level room. In 1993, a couple on their honeymoon night checked out of the room just after midnight after reportedly being pushed on the stairwell.

The Catacombs. What's a catacomb with out a little haunting right, right? The end closest to the Mission Inn was an underground museum. It being walled it was believed up till the time that construction worker dug into an old section about a 1/4 mile away, that it did not exist, but as recent excavations and new construction has shown the Catacombs did indeed exist..  All the way to Mt Rubidoux.. Back at the Mission Inn, there was an enormous amount of activity in the area of the foyer during the years immediately following the hotel's re-opening in 1992. The hotel's desk clerk at re-opening resigned after seeing someone in this area late one evening.

Frank Miller's Room in The Mission Inn, 4th floor, north east corner. One of the only rooms not restored during the closure of the Inn from 1985 to 1992.   Possibly now a banquet room at the end of Author's Row.. A strong presence of Mr. Miller permeates the room.

It seems that almost all of the Hallways are haunted at the Mission Inn.. There have been numerous sightings of vanishing guests along hallways throughout the hotel, particularly along Author's Row, covered hallway near Alice Miller's room, 2nd and 4th floor hallways, parallel to pool, the service area hallway behind Mission dining room..  The Mission Dining Room also known as the Spanish Dining Room a apparition seen traveling near ceiling from entrance wall, near the patio, to the far back wall... In the Rotunda, there have been some occasional sightings... The area was closed to the public after re-opening but has since opened to retail space around 1997 or 1998.. On the Spanish Patio, visitors have reported feeling cold spots and touchy-feely feelings, especially around the area of the Lincoln Bust, especially since it had been ordered and designed by the late Alice Miller who just happened to die the day it was completed.. I guess she never saw the unavailing and that's why her presence can be felt or seen here?


I just stayed in the Mission Inn and there was no ghosts.I stayed in room 315, the Jurupa room. I lived in Riverside for 51 years and ha email been around the mission inn when the security was not as it is now. I have been in the cadacombs and have seen the round table and the half suites of armer in the wall, with things taking over the years. A friend and I when very young used a string to mark our way. There were many tunnels leading no were. And sometime being down there I can remember feeling strange but being so young, not knowing what I was feeling. I think people who live a everyday life doing the same things, going to the same places in their lives. Yes, there are ghosts at the Mission Inn . But I have never seen but felt something.

I have personally had a strange experience at the hotel. Well, actually, it was in the ballroom/gallery. My husband's company hosted a lavish Christmas party in the room for about 100 people. It was a very nice night. Music, buffet-style dinner, drinks and dancing. We had a wonderful time. It was only strange when we were enjoying the festivities and several different people, not associated with one another, kept asking us who the lady in a costume at the top of the stairs was. It got a little unnerving, but yes I did feel 'watched' that night. From the top of the double stair case at the one end, it seemed like she was peeking around the corners or hiding in the shadows. Just watching. Later as we were cleaning up after our party, the waiters and cleaning people did tell us that the room was indeed haunted by the ghost of a woman. It kind of freaked me out, but it is what it is. A life caught between two worlds. Someone needs to say a prayer for the lost soul and let her be at rest finally. I'm just saying...

i have to do a project and i would like to base it off this story for my creative writing class i need a real experience !

Attn: Ghostbuster

In response to your previous 2 posts below:
1. I was talking to whoever posted the story above that looks like it was written by a retarded, one-armed, 9-year old. I don't know if that was you because your post, and the retard's post are both written by someone named "anonymous. ........
2. What would I call it? I would call it the ramblings of someone with a highly-overactive imagination or of someone that is fully disconnected from reality.......

This is my message to you:
On behalf of of people who have posted their paranormal experiences in Mission Inn THAT you called "retarded" "or someone fully disconnected from reality".
I would like to say the following to the YOU THE GHOSTBUSTER:
There is a reason why it is called paranormal because they are UNEXPLAINED phenomenon. No amount of logic can explain it. If you are really a Ghostbuster then go give not ONLY LOGICAL EXPLANATIONS BUT ALSO YOUR PROVEN SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE rather than posting sarcastic comments on this site. At least be a PROFESSIONAL GHOSTBUSTER...
All I can say is walking around Mission Inn is not enough proof....stay overnight for a few days in the appointed haunted rooms if you can afford it with all your scientific gadgets, interview all the employees/hotel guests(past and present)then people will probably respect your opinion. Knowing people like you: I know you will say it is a waste of your time.
By the way I am a licensed professional in the field of psychiatry who just happen to have paranormal experiences. I have lots of paranormal experiences plus the curse or gift of having ESP in my dreams .... Dreamed of 3 people I know dying the same night that they actually die in reality in 3 different occasions in the past and a lot of other dreams that came true in my real life. I have to practice auto-suggestion or self hypnosis so I will not remember my dreams.
My name is also ANONYMOUS because of encountering people like you in the internet. GHOSTBUSTER: YOU ARE TRYING SO HARD TO PROVE TO PROVE YOUR POINT on the Internet to the point of making fun of other people's misspelled words and and degrading other people's own paranormal experiences so you can put yourself up while putting others down. You can say anything you want in this post, it will not bother me at all because I will NOT FOLLOW THIS BLOG BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU. PS ONCE YOU ARE A SUCCESSFUL GHOSTBUSTER JUST PUBLISH A BOOK OR JUST MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT THEN .....YOU WILL GET OUR RESPECT AS A GHOSTBUSTER.

Thanks Dr. Anon.

Sec 1

I worked nights at the Mission Inn for 3 years leading up to the closure for re-modeling in 1985. The cast of characters made the job quite interesting, maybe haunted is the wrong word. What would you call a person sitting at a desk reading a book in a room where the doors are welded shut, in plain view of the public. Or explain an individual strolling a non-public in a full conqistidor outfit "clanging" along and disappearing off a 5th landing.

 What would I call it?  I would call it the ramblings of someone with a highly-overactive imagination or of someone that is fully disconnected from reality.

Dude?! All you do is crash pages about paranormal activities with nothing to offer except your stubborn denial?! People used to burn others at the stake just because they could tell that earth wasn't flat. In fact those fools denied it for centuries!
No one owes you an explanation! Prove that our paranormal experiences are not real or just simply get lost!

If you had taken the time to read through this website you would see that I have offered and contributed much, including investigations and debunkings.  I therefore have far more to offer than you have thus far.

If you had more than a 7th grade education you would also know that one cannot prove a negative and that is generally up to the one making the outrageous claim that has the burden of proof.  So, how about YOU prove that your paranormal experiences ARE real or just simply get lost.. Eh?

And oh, by the way, if you were to prove that your crazy fantasies were real, you would be the first person in human history to be able to do so, and would become quite the celebrity overnight. 



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