Haunted house on State St. in Ontario

In regards to the State St. house in Ontario..

Back in the mid-late 90s my cousin's brother-in-law, wife and family lived in that small house right on the southwest corner of State St. and Campus. He had been a little depressed for about a month. His wife was about 7 months pregnant and he had no job news and was stressing along with a lot of other problems.

One evening they were sitting outside enjoying the cool breeze, she said you could hear the train whistle in he distance, he got up, told her he was going to store for cigarettes, hugged her so tight she couldn't breathe ann looked at her with such sadness it brought tears to her eyes. She asked him if he was ok and if she should go with go with him. She heard the train coming closer, he told her he'd be ok, to go inside, he always loved her, and always would, ann that he was very sorry!!

The train was really close now so he's started running in the back door out the front door to Campus then up towards State St!. She started yelling and asking hey, where are you going!? The stores the other way down Par....... Then as her heart sank, and her legs were shaking so badly she could barely stand she KNEW where her husband had really gone! As the train blared it's whistle and slammed on its brakes, cars honked frantically, and people yelled, she fell to the ground screaming in agony for a husband that would never return.

He had walked out to the train tracks, people say cars were honking for him to go back, someone got out of car, I think to move him to safety. He just looked at him as calm as he could be, and as the train came within a few inches , took a step right in front of it to everyone's horror!!

A true, but, VERY, VERY sad and tragic story for so many loved ones, especially his young wife and baby (boy btw). The house is long gone, but, the memories of that day never will be.

Who knows, maybe he's the ghost wandering on State Street!


about a week ago a friend of mine had came over to my house with a bit of concern about a house off of campus and around 4th street with a concern next door to a friend of her's is this house to where many spooky sights have been occuring like a van rolling back and fourth on with anyone present many weired things have been happening around that house next door now my question here is your lost love one's home anywhere to near these streets perhaps on the left hand side about four houses in , the reason i ask is because i was called in because i can comunicate with the dead as well as make them manifest long enough to say thier un finished business to those of them whom need to know personal information. my name is veronica morales i live here in upland

That's a crazy story because my aunts father and her brother were killed by a train in the 30's or 40's in that area. He left with his son and purposely did not move for the train. They lived on Emporia right by the tracks.

there's a family that lived there since the 60swho are you referring to? can you please let us know the family still resides therethe family still lives on campus in state on the cornerthank you

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