Haunted House in South Ridge Fontana

Has anyone had any ghost experiences in Fontana "South Ridge" area?

My Parents have a house off Jurupa St. across the street from a steel place the house was a new tracking home when they purchased it but everyone in my parents place has experience many ghost activity. There is foot steps up stairs when no one is up stairs there are doors that slam shut, the microwave fan turns on by its self, the lights flicker almost turning off with us being in the kitchen. One of my brothers has seen seen shadows outside our back yard window.

One night my mom and little brother got home late and when they walked into the house (still with the lights turned off) my brother said to my mom, Hey i didn't know (my daughters name) was visiting? And as my mom turned on the lights and said to my brother, what did you say? He said i thought i seen (my daughter's name) up on the stairs... My mom played it off saying to him your probably seeing things, because my daughter wasn't there and there was no little girl on the stairs.

Another time my mom has experienced while trying to take a nap in her room a voice close to her ear say in a demanding way, "GET OUT"! My sister also had a scary experience in the shower, she said she was shaving and all of sudden she noticed blood, she thought to her self, "oh man maybe i cut my self?" So she looked down trying to see where the blood was coming from... and as she looked at her hand she said it was drenched in blood. She got scared and frantically try-ed to wash all the blood off, still not knowing where the blood was coming from she looked back down and to notice the blood was gone... She said she grabbed a towel and ran out of there so fast!!! Since then she never experienced anything like that again but she said that she continued having horrible dreams. Until my Mom blessed the house.

Since my mom has blessed the house the ghost activity has slowed down a lot But the weird thing is that our neighbors also have a lot of activity and stories. One of our friends next door is actually scared to be alone in his own house. And across the street we must have had 5 different families move in and out the same house... When i go to visit It always feels like some thing or someone is watching me from inside the house that is constantly vacant.

I also have a aunt that doesn't live to far from us off of Jurupa and Cypress or Citrus. And she said she has seen a little boy with a stripped shirt around her house. She said that he doesn't seem to be harmful though. She said that she is not scared and thinks that he must have been friendly and playful because he basically just likes for her to know he is there by doing small things like dropping a towel on the floor in the bathroom or emptying out all the clothes from a laundry basket. She try's not to show it much attention as she doesn't want for him to know she notices. (This is Activity- But Much different then the activity at my parent's house)

So... basically i am curious if there is any other people that experienced things like this in the South Ridge area? It seems like it must be the land if there is so much activity? I wonder what the history is? My mom tried to look it up but says that she really didn't find anything just that before the land was all farming fields.

Please let me know if anyone has any info...


 Oh yes - the locals will tell you that you are on an ancient indian burial ground, or some other such nonsense.. We've seen this sort of thing many times... In the movies..  Did you grow up/go to school in Fontana?


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Yes, Ive lived in South Ridge since about 1998 and attended high school at Kaiser. I no longer live in Fontana but my parents still do.
That's interesting about the Indian burials grounds. I am going to make a trip down to the library to see what history i can get... Thanks for the info.

I think he was joking about the Indian Burial grounds - but if you find anything interesting at the library please come back and let us know!

OOOOOOOOOO I Go To Kaiser Tooo!!!!!!!!!

I lived in South Ridge 12-13yrs ago & I lived in a house, corner of Oak park elementary. Near the Kindergarten side of the school. My family & I had strange experiences in that house the 3yrs we lived there. I saw a woman wearing a bonnet in a weird old 1800's dress. I was not the only person that saw this woman. Lights would turn off & on but we over looked it as a electrical shortage. The voices we heard were unexplainable tho. Neither were the shadows. Stuff would be moved around when no one was in the house all day. I am still skeptic about calling the place a haunted land or what not. But I do agree that it was a strange house. I had heard from neighbors that a man was shot at in the front of the house(gang related) never looked up any info on the place cause we weren't being harmed.

I also had the same type of encounter w/ the lady wearing a white bonnet, except that I had seen 2 women. Both of the women had white bonnets and powder blue dresses. One Sunday late afternoon my daughter and I were watching some tv, she fell asleep on my lap as I was sitting on the couch. I also was in a very light sleep but still aware of my surroundings. Feeling as if someone was looking at me I open my eyes and there they were, the women starring down at my daughter. One was directly in fnont of me and the other was standing behind the couch on the left side of me, basically looking over my back starring at my daughter. This was back in 2003, we lived 17203 Avenue Del Sol this is the the housing track they call South Park. It is across from the Sarter Bros up by the water tank on the hill.

I lived in Southridge in the late 90s. Lived on Long View. Our house had a spirit or poltergiest. lots of strange things. reflections of people in the TV standing behind the sofa when the TV was off, doors opening and closing, banging IN the walls and I could'nt keep wind chimes. They would ring till they fell to the ground on calm days but never ring on windy ones. I have moved to another part of Southridge and no activity. Must say I sort of miss it.

I live on long view, & alot of stuff has happened in our house similair to your experience, what exact house ?

I live in Fontana. Attended Jurupa Hills High pretty much in South Ridge. Fontana does look like it would be haunted so I belive u guys

I lived in Heritage in Fontana and Mine and a close neighbors house had alot of activity her house was very active, so much so that multiple families that had lived there previously had experiences as well. Previous owners had psychic come over as well and they told her the activity had a entry thru the mirrors on the east side of the wall in which we all thought was a iffy statement to make until the new owners son had many experiences with these things and he kept saying they lived in the tain and wanted him to go visit them in the tain. we had no idea he was not just making up words or..??? until one day I was looking at old mirrors online and one said the tain had to be resilvered. the psychic said the whole area was active not just that house. we lived two houses down and our house was also active.


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