Haunted Hollywood in San Bernardino

Back in 1986 there was a haunted house in I think a city in San Bernardino which was called Haunted Hollywood. I just can't remember where it was exactly. What I do remember that the building it was in had an actual ghost to which the owners called The Manager because before his death he actually was the manager oif the building when it was a grocery store.

If anyone has heard of  or been to the Haunted Hollywood in SaN Bernardino please let me know because I went to it and I wanted to find it again for future reference for a future Halloween.

Thank you.


You DO realize that 1986 was 25 years ago right? Although most of San Bernardino is a sh!t hole with very little development, I seriously doubt that some little halloween haunted house has survived for that long! it's probably a McDonalds parking lot by now.

take it easy on us old folks, for us,

"just a while ago"
"not to long ago"

can mean anything from a day or two to 10-15 years.

No joke...

LOL - laughing at my self

you dont need to go to a haunted house to get scared in San Bernardino, just walking down Waterman avenue is scary enough!

Where is Haunted Hollywood in San bernardino?


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