Say goodnight Denise, I'm going back to sleep now....

When I was about ten a good friend of mine, actually I considered her to be my first girl friend, Denise became ill with a strange and deadly disease known as cancer. she was only 11 and it just seemed strange for to see her so sick.

Her mother eventually told my mom that Denise had Ovarian cancer, and this being the late 1950's, there was nothing the doctors could do for her.

Denise went from a vibrant 11 year old to a scrawny 75 pound balding mere image of herself in less than three months.

Finally, she was spending almost all of her time in bed under constant bed watch from either her mother or grand mother. One night in October 1959, Denise died around 3 am.

At the same time I felt some stirring in my mind and awoke to see Denise sitting on the side of my bed smiling at me. she didn't say anything except I got the impressions she was telling me goodbye. She slowly faded away as I told her good bye and I was going to go back to sleep.

In the morning around 6:30 I got up to get ready for school but I wanted to see my mom first and tell her that I had seen Denise and that she had died during the night.

I walked to my mom and dads room and woke my mom up and told her about Denise. She just looked at me and didn't say anything. She knew I was aware of the dead so she didn't doubt me. She said the she would call Denise's mother and ask.

Just as I turned to walk out of her room Denise mom called. She told my mom that Denise had died during the night and at what time. My mom hung up and asked If I wanted to stay home from school. I said no, I would be alright.

She asked me if I had said anything or if Denise had said anything and I replied that it all seemed sort Like a mind link, we really didn't say anything to each other.

As I walked out of the room I remembered what I had said to Denise. so I told my mom that I had told Denise goodbye and I was going to go back to sleep now.

My mom just started laughing. She told me that anyone else would have screamed out loud or yelled or something because they were afraid of what they were seeing.

I told her, 'what was there to be afraid of' It was just Denise telling me good by.

Gary Hall, the ghostpainter.

***Additional and corrected information.

Denise's full name was Denise Westmorland. The year was 1963 when she died. This was confirmed by my sister who was her best friend and was just as perplexed and puzzled by her illniess as the rest of us were. 



All through high school one of Denise's younger sisters, Lori, and I were best friends. I never met Denise as she had passed away a couple of years before Lori and I met each other. I remember that June, Denise's mom, wore a necklace with one of Denise's earrings on it.

Lori and I always believed in the experiences of which you spoke about. It must have been a very comforting experience. I had the same experience when my grandmother died and I found much comfort in her goodbye to me.

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