When the fog turns green in Chino watch out for the hook....

This Urban legend has been around for a log time but many people believe it is true, especially in Chino along the Pomona expressway down towards the Prado Dam, an area well known for its 'Green Fog'

The story begins according to the CHP begins with the escape of a prisoner from Chino Men's Prison. The man, when escaping, got his hand caught in the top razor sharp wire and lost his hand when hee sawed his way free, of course leaving his hand behind to be discovered by Prison Guards the next morning who were searching for him.

A call went out to all of the local clinics and hospitals alerting them to be on the watch for a prison escapee with one hand. He never appeared anywhere seeking aid.

A few years after the escape stories began popping up about people having to stop in the fog because it was to thick and a ugly green color, swirling with the eddy's of the wind through the hills, usually after midnight, quite often just before dawn as first light breaks through. Its the light of the sunrise that is most often accounts for the green color of the fog (True)

As they sat waiting for the fog to lift they would hear shuffling footsteps coming towards them, and a tall figure standing either behind the car or just off to the left in the lanes of the road.

The driver becoming alarmed at the figure as it starts to move toward them starts the car, sometimes messing it up because they are so scarred that it wont start. Just as the car starts and the driver throws it into first and screeches away, the dark figure lunghes out and manages to catch his hook in the metal of the car or the back window, often times losing the hook in the process.

One time a woman driver was able to flag down a CHP officer on patrol and tell him his story. Not really believing her story he follows her to the back of her car, where to his shock he sees a bloody hook embedded in the middle of the Hatch back with bloody nerves, shreds of skin and meat hanging down off the car.

The officer calls in and tells his people what he has discovered. They tell him to wait there to be relieved and once relieved to head over to Edison and Central for another similar incident.

It appears that another woman driving through the fog saw a figure attack her car except this time she is sure that she had hit the person. but when she got out to check, she couldn't find anything, not even blood, just a Bloody hook embedded in the front grill of the car.

These occurrences have gone on for several years, with stories appearing in other states or countries, even down at the shooting range built for the L.A. Olympics. But the Story or event actually took place here in Chino. Or did it? I never tell. Lets just say the next time you are heading down in chino on either Euclid, or Central near the prison or even on the New freeway and you run into a real soupy green pea fog, don't be surprised if you see a hook appear out of nowhere.

Gary Hall the ghostpainter


It was actually called 'The Green Mist'. Right before Chino Hills was built we used to take our dates down in there. Lots of dirt roads and trails. There used to be a large old house up on the hill that we would tell everyone that a family of 'albinos' used to live there and the Mom would only let them come out at night. HAHA! Looking back on that now it was silly made up stories....or was it real! Never heard about the escaped prisoner story printed here. Maybe that got confused with the prisoner who escaped Chino prison in the early 80' and committed the Chino Hills murders of an entire family minus 1. Still not proven that he did it. Some creepy stuff down there in Chino Hills!

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