Go get dad...The trailer wont stop shaking.

The following story comes from the Lake Hemet area and I wont say that it was I that was involved, but Suffice it to say that the young ladies involved swear to this day that they felt the ground start shaking in what they thought was an earthquake, not at all uncommon in southern California as well know. Trouble is, the trailer wouldn't stop shaking.

The girls were sitting near the front door of the trailer which was a 30 footer 5th wheel type. Quite elegant cheap for its day, but still nice enough to camp out at your favorite campground.

About 2 am in the morning, the trailer starting shaking and every one inside ran out side believing an earthquake was occurring. After a few minutes they all went back inside and just as every one had settled into their beds it began to shake again, except this time there was a howling noise that they had not heard before. Again they all ran outside just in case.

They could all see the trailer shaking, sometimes pretty hard and they could hear things inside falling and breaking. After about 45 minutes of this the shaking quit and they returned inside to clean up the expected mess. surprise, no mess, nothing out of place and nothing broken.

This went on for several nights until they left to go back down the hill to home and since they rented the space by the month they just left the trailer up at Lake Hemet.

When they returned they asked the people who lived up at Lake Hemet year round if they had seen or heard anything from their trailer. The owner of the Store at the main gate was a bit puzzled by the questions but he replied that no one was there while they gone if that is what they meant.

Spent the afternoon fishing and riding their dirt bikes, ate supper and they turned in for a cool evening sleep. It was late summer and the night time temperatures were dropping down into the 30's.

Long about 2:am sure enough the trailer started shaking, so bad that the neighbors thought something was going on inside the trailer other than sleep. It was but not what they expected. This time even their dad heard all of the commotion.

Everyone rushed outside as the trailer continued to shake and moan, and low growl could be heard coming from inside the trailer and it seemed from under the trailer.

Next morning The girls dad decided he needed to find out what the hell was going on so he went to the store to see if they had any information on the area surrounding or under the trailer. The owner replied that they understood that their were some Indian graves in the area but it was not considered a religious site by anyone as far as they knew.

So he went up to Idyllwild to the library up there and discover that according to the local legends, the two lovers of Lilly rock, the two Indian lovers from different tribes who were banned from seeing each other, after jumping off the high lofty rock overlooking the valley, had been buried somewhere in the Lake Hemet area.

He thought he had the answer to their problem, so when he get back to Lake Hemet, he asked the owners if he could move the trailer to another location, explain the situation to them. They agreed and they moved the trailer two sites down.

From then on, no more shaking in the trailer, no more moans or grown's or crying either for that matter.

The then owners kept the Haunted site clear of any encampments for the next few years. When the park service bought them out in the 1980's the entire camp was changed, so it is unknown if anything has been heard or felt since they left.

Was it the two lovers making love, or was it the two lovers protesting the encroachment of the campers on their burial site. No one knows to this day. So just remember that if you ever go camping at Lake Hemet and your trailer starts shaking in the middle of the night, and the moaning an gowning and crying doesn't bother you, just go back to sleep. Or you can call your dad and tell him that "The Damn Trailer is shaking again"

Gary Hall the ghostpainter


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